Polistina & Guardian Get Controversial Endorsement from NJ Teachers Union

Small and Polistina
AC Mayor Small and Polistina.

NJ Senator Vince Polistina has been endorsed by the NJEA, the New Jersey Teachers Union.

Polistina, along with NJ Assemblyman Don Guardian, ‘very happy’ with support coming from this powerful union.

Substantial financial support and other election benefits come with this NJEA endorsement. But, all those goodies come with a price: keep quiet about controversial, often disgusting policies being instituted within the NJ public school system.

Downside to the NJEA endorsement. Both Polistina (R) and Guardian (R) facing criticism similar to what Chris Brown (R) endured when he stepped down from his NJ Senate seat. Brown admonished by SJGOP for taking $150k job that reports directly to Gov. Phil Murphy (D).

Polistina & Guardian Get Controversial Endorsement from NJ Teachers Union 1 Polistina & Guardian Get Controversial Endorsement from NJ Teachers Union
Guardian, Swift, Polistina.

What are Polistina and Guardian’s views on parental rights while kids are at school? Both avoiding that topic.

NJEA believes teachers and school administrators shouldn’t contact parents about their child’s gender dysphoria and/or sex-transition efforts.

Don Guardian NJEA
Don Guardian Supports NJEA.


NJ teachers union approves and supports the following:

  • Schools should not inform parents about student gender-dysphoria.
  • Adult-oriented sex education starting in 3rd grade.
  • Elimination of high-school exit exams.
  • Lowered academic standards, Remove AP classes.
  • Teach students: there are more than two genders.
  • Attend sex-ed classes based on student’s gender identity, not biology.
  • Prioritize LGBTQIA+, social justice and equity.
  • Biological boys in girls bathrooms / locker rooms.
  • Biological boys competing in girls sports.
  • Mandatory preferred pronouns.
  • Non-compliant school districts will lose Federal & State aid.
Polistina & Guardian Get Controversial Endorsement from NJ Teachers Union 2 Polistina & Guardian Get Controversial Endorsement from NJ Teachers Union
Levine and Kennedy.

The NJEA supports Admiral Levine’s input on school health care and ‘gender-affirming’ efforts.

With the NJEA endorsement, don’t expect Polistina or Guardian to discuss major, often harmful changes within the NJ public school system.


12 thoughts on “Polistina & Guardian Get Controversial Endorsement from NJ Teachers Union”

  1. Edward Shavelson

    Not good these people are not for family things for our kids. And whatever happened to the casino smoking ban. Did they get reparations to stay quiet ?

  2. Polistina is spineless. Doesn’t he care about young kids in our public schools? NJEA keeping parents in dark.

  3. Senator Polistina joins Chris Brown in dubious honor of being captured by Gov Murphy. Might vote for Caren Fitzpatrick.

  4. Polistina and Guardian are grifters. Sell-outs to evil NJEA. Keep your kids away from these two creeps.

    How could they think it’s ok for boys to use girls locker rooms?

    Supposedly, Senator Polistina is smart guy. So why does he agree there is more than 2 genders?

    We already knew Don Guardian was a freak. nothing new there.

  5. Senator polistina and don guardian OK w/ boys using girls bathrooms in school? More than 2 genders? They are selling out to NJEA

  6. Ventnor Parents Rights

    Polistina, Guardian, Murphy and NJ Dept of Education support boys in girls’ locker rooms, boys in girls sports, removal of gender language (“men and women”) from curriculum, inappropriate changes to sex education curriculum, and policies that force teachers and school staff to actively hide a child’s gender identity from their parents.

  7. Sick!!! Polistina and Guardian support holding back funds for schools that don’t allow boys in girls bathrooms. sick.

  8. There is a significant difference between ALLOWING shared bathrooms (by law) and ENCOURAGING the sharing. Your intolerance and ignorance prevent you from understanding that important difference.

  9. The first bullet point “Schools should not inform parents about student gender-dysphoria.” is definitely apt based upon some of the comments shown here. If I were a child of some of you folks, I would certainly not want you to know that I was questioning my gender or sexuality for fear of your reaction. There are too many children that would love the support and understanding from their parents around these issues, but the reality is that there are parents that do not accept gender dysphoria or anything around the LGBTIQA+ issue. The schools are between a rock and a hard place because of this, and they err on the side of the student, and so they are protecting them from their own parents. It’s sad, but it is reality.

    As a parent, I look at my views and what I have taught my child, and ask myself “Would my child feel comfortable confiding in me that they are questioning their gender or sexuality”. If you answer “I am not sure” or “No”, then you now know the reason why there is a policy in place in the schools. Views, opinions, and beliefs do matter, and they can come with consequences.

    As for the locker room and bathroom situation, I agree with what “Not Narrow” commented about there being a significant difference between allowing shared bathrooms and encouraging them. I am not in favor of the shared bathrooms, not because of a boy that is questioning his gender going into the girl’s bathroom to get sexually stimulated, but rather that Brad and Chad will suddenly declare themselves as women, and want to use the girls bathrooms or locker rooms as a joke. This is not a joking matter in any way, and so while there is a law that states that a shared bathroom must exist, school districts around the state are making accommodations for single bathrooms and changing rooms to be used by any student that is in this situation (which is a very small number).

    As for athletes that are born male and want to participate in women’s sports, I am against that. No matter what gender a person that is born male declares, that person still has more muscle mass than a female, and that brings a competitive advantage. I am all for transgender athletes participating in sports, but not at the expense of the young girls that are also participating in sports. It is not fair to the girls in the least that a trans athlete that was born a male is now beating them in a sport because of the extra muscle mass that they were born with.

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