Protecting Ventnor & Margate From Rise in Atlantic City Crime

Ventnor police arrested an Atlantic City man after they found a loaded gun and drugs in his vehicle during a traffic stop.

Ventnor Police Chief Joe Fussner said “Our officers were able to keep a lot of people safe by seizing these dangerous drugs”.

Malik T. El, 52, of Atlantic City, was pulled over after driving without lights on Jan 24. During the stop, El was found to have an active warrant for his arrest. During the subsequent search, VCPD found cocaine, heroin, cash and a loaded handgun, according to the charges.

ATLANTIC CITY started 2024 with sharp rise in homicides.

Newspaper headlines proclaim a drop in reported violent crime. But when asking the average citizen, most feel actual crime is up. Way up.

Listen: WOND Radio summarizes Press of AC article about reluctance of Atlantic City to hire more cops.

By most accounts, ACPD is currently short approx 50 cops. LISTEN >

6 ABC graphic: 5 murders in 5 weeks.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small supported the Defund Police Movement and AC BLM riots of 2020.

Small openly angry at the Atlantic City PBA, police union. “The audacity of the PBA to say we need more cops”, says Mayor Small.

Instead of hiring actual cops, Mayor Small prefers to hire former felons to protect law abiding citizens. The Small, hand-picked, anti-violence members get an annual salary of $75k. They’re accountable only to Mayor Small.

Watch video.

Mayor Marty Small calls Atlantic County Prosecutor’s investigation into recent hiring, ‘racist’.

ACPD PBA union: ‘We’re deeply concerned over recent surge in violent incidents contributing to rise in homicide rate in Atlantic City. Need for increased personnel has never more critical. Now is good time to hire 30 new cops with that $3.75 million in grant money we received in November.’

2 thoughts on “Protecting Ventnor & Margate From Rise in Atlantic City Crime”

  1. Marty is just like all the other blue city mayors; criminals more revered and rights protected much more than law abiding citizens. He pays all kinds of bums working for the city high wages but not police or fire.

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