Rebuilt Ventnor Movie Theater Open by Holiday Season 2020?

After months of delay, Ventnor Square Theatre crews are headed into the homestretch, working diligently to finish construction and renovation work.

Comfy seats have been delivered and are now being installed.

A grand opening date not yet announced. But if we had to venture a guess, they’ll open doors to the public, maybe mid-November, early December?

Ventnor Square Movie Theater. Ventnor Ave in Ventnor, NJ.

6 thoughts on “Rebuilt Ventnor Movie Theater Open by Holiday Season 2020?”

  1. Parking is quite limited. Off-season will certainly be easier to find a parking spot on their small lot…. or nearby streets.

    We recommend walking or Uber. Especially during summer months.

    Maybe it’s time to once again, reconsider inviting the JITNEY to town? The last Jitney test thru town was poorly executed. Like it was set up to fail.

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