Short-Term Rental Arbitrage In Brigantine?

VIDEO: Short Term Rental Arbitrage in Brigantine.

Out of Control Short-Term Rental Chaos in Brigantine.

Video from September 28, 2023 

Is there Short-Term Rental Arbitrage In Brigantine?

No Rules. No Enforcement from Mayor Sera and City Manager Platt.


1 thought on “Short-Term Rental Arbitrage In Brigantine?”

  1. Downbeach Advisory Board

    Towns with weak short-term rental rules (Ventnor, Brigantine) will experience greater loss of full-time residency. Local business will suffer. Employees more difficult to find. Business more likely to close shop in off-season. School enrollment plummets. Middle class families that rent annually, will be forced out. Municipality doesn’t care because of higher tax assessments.

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