Spot-Zoning adds to Ventnor’s Growing Short-Term Rental Problem

Here are some notes from MARCH 14, 2024 Ventnor Commission meeting regarding the short-term rental (STR) problem.

Ventnor Mayor Landgraf being asked: How are STR’s vetted?

Are STR occupants criminally background checked? Do rental agreements include names of all occupants?

Landgraf says that’s the responsibility of the property owner.

Of course, that’s if you can identify them via the LLC or anonymous holding company.

Is Ventnor zoned for Air-BnB?

Ventnor Mayor Lance Landgraf says commercial STR businesses are currently permitted in residential zones.

We see new people each weekend. It’s kinda scary. How are they vetted?

Even with proper mercantile permits, enforcement still lacking in Ventnor.

Some Ventnor short-term rentals look dangerous.

Spot-Zoning adds to Ventnor's Growing Short-Term Rental Problem 1 Spot-Zoning adds to Ventnor's Growing Short-Term Rental Problem

One particular Ventnor beach block STR had a New Years Eve shoot-out in 2019. Over 100 people were jammed into the property.

Today that rental property has very obvious structural issues easily seen from the street. Ventnor code enforcement seems to have ignored this violation for over year.

See below.

Ventnor Short Term Rental.
Dangerous Ventnor Short Term Rental.

Landgraf claims that STR’s help local business in off-season. ‘Not true’ say small business operators. Each year, more and more Downbeach businesses shut down in the off-season. During the summer, most struggle with finding local employees.

STR’s have also taken away long-term rentals that employees and local customers have depended on.

’18 kids renting a house’. Weak restrictions, poorly enforced. Landgraf scoffs.

Short-term rentals are also known as STR’s. AirBnB and VRBO are the biggest names, but savvy STR operators are no longer using AirBnB. They’re building their own websites or simply using Facebook and other social media tools. Towns have NO idea how big this problem is.

Ventnor, Margate, Brigantine and Atlantic City have no idea just how many STR’s are operating in their towns.

In many cases, AirBnB and other short-term rental platforms allow occupancy with no criminal background check.

Landgraf admits short-term rentals are actually commercial properties operating in a residential zone.

Violation of current zoning law. Non-compliant with the Master Plan.

Residents asking if these commercial STR properties are properly insured, purchased with appropriate commercial financing.

STR properties artificially inflate home prices. Real Estate agents must disclose to potential buyers that a quiet residential street could be filled with commercial STR’s.

Ventnor faces increased liability. Business Admin Ciccarone has yet to respond.

Note: Even with all this new construction and a higher ratable (tax) base, Ventnor and Margate still raised taxes.

As CRDA Planning Director, Landgraf controls zoning for the State-Controlled AC Tourism District. AC has no STR restrictions, STR management or enforcement of approx 1,300 STR’s.


3 thoughts on “Spot-Zoning adds to Ventnor’s Growing Short-Term Rental Problem”

  1. Thank you Mayor Landgraf and Council for standing up for the residents. I am totally opposed to short term rentals being allowed in residential neighborhoods. I am suffering with one next door to my home now. The new out of state owner has now gotten rid of good yearly tenants in this Tri-Plex to do short term rentals. No good for anyone but the owner.

    1. All of what you’re saying makes sense, but even tight rules and controls are meaningless without the penalties and enforcement to match.

  2. Ventnor faces increased liability. Business Admin Ciccarone has yet to respond.

    Here’s another guy who comes out to look at your backyard and harass you instead of dealing with real issues in the town.

    Another crumb who probably was having his pockets lined with govt money and harassing and bullying people who live there.

    This town is the worst!

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