Stockton Atlantic City COO To Distribute More WIND Cash

More Wind Cash

The Ocean Wind Pro-NJ Grantor Trust has more, taxpayer-funded cash to hand out.

So who gets these PRO-WIND grants?

One of those who decides as an Ocean Wind Board of Trustee, is Brian Jackson, chief operating officer of Stockton Atlantic City.

Wind Cash Trustee

Jackson, a resident of Galloway Twp, will help determine the future of Jersey shore towns. Jackson will help review and select recipients of the trust’s second round of funding.

So far…

$450,000 has gone to small, women and minority-owned businesses.

$2.8 million went to select Jersey shore towns. For example:

  • Ventnor received $546,003
  • Margate received $446,880
  • Longport received $368,750

Notably, Brigantine and Ocean City have received nothing, most likely due to their push back against experimental, taxpayer-funded, wind turbine farms.

3 thoughts on “Stockton Atlantic City COO To Distribute More WIND Cash”

  1. Stockton Student

    Brian Jackson has no skin in the game. He could care less about Jersey shoreline. He doesn’t live here.

  2. Jackson just handing out cash , he doesn’t care about dancing with the devil. Some local big hitters better put some skin in the game. There’s more important things then who’s parking on your street and dinner reservations.

  3. Show me the money and follow the money.

    NJ will financially implode.

    Under King Phil, the budget state budget went from around 35 billion a year to around 55 billion a year.

    Where does all this money go?

    Add on the federal Corvid monies?

    Where did that Corvid money go?

    Property taxes don’t go down.

    State fees such as annual car registrations do not go down.

    Plenty of toll roads.

    And this wind turbine thing is going to be a disaster.

    Like Ventnor, Margate and Longport need a hand out?

    There are plenty of other towns in Atlantic County that are in more need of the money.


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