Stockton University Condemns Attack on Israel, Anti-Semitic Campus protests

Anti-Semitic Posters Found on Stockton University Campus.
Anti-Semitic Posters Found on Campus.

Stockton University President Joe Bertolino has condemned the attacks on Israel and the growing crisis in the Middle East.

Bertolino has also addressed unauthorized flyers posted through-out Stockton’s campus that support Hamas, the political and military organization currently governing the Gaza Strip inside Israel.

The anti-Semitic posters referred to the establishment of a State of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. This would presumably erase the State of Israel and its people.

Pic: Ira Trocki

Bertolino: I’d like to be unequivocally clear that Stockton University condemns the horrific terrorist attacks by Hamas on civilians in Israel. The violence inflicted is inexcusable. We continue to mourn the loss of innocent Israeli, Palestinian, American and other lives due to these attacks.

Today, we were made aware of unauthorized flyers and other materials that included anti-Semitic language posted around campus. The University is taking appropriate steps to address this matter.

Stockton President Joe Bertolino: We will never stand for hateful language or rhetoric that threatens anyone or makes any member of our community feel unsafe. Stockton is and will remain a safe and welcoming environment for all.

The war in Gaza is part of a global war between an alliance of militant Islam and communists on one side, and Judeo-Christian Western civilization on the other.

Seth Grossman

3 thoughts on “Stockton University Condemns Attack on Israel, Anti-Semitic Campus protests”

  1. My hat is off to Stockton for having a moral compass and acknowledging the horrific religious hate based slaughter of civilians.

  2. “The war in Gaza is part of a global war between an alliance of militant Islam and communists on one side, and Judeo-Christian Western civilization on the other.”

    Seth Grossman

    Wrong! Here’s the irony except for their differences about who owns the land we call Israel and they call Palestine Seth’s beliefs are startingly like Hamas. Seth despises democracy and so does Hamas, Seth hates the LGBTQ community, so does Hamas, Seth hates Communists and yes so does Hamas, Seth doesn’t believe in the separation of Church and State neither does Hamas. Seth doesn’t believe in a Women’s right to Choose as regards Abortion neither does Hamas, the list goes on and on like this. For the most part Grossman’s hard right beliefs line up amazingly well with Hamas views bc Hamas like Grossman’s Liberty & Prosperity group is a hard right Nationalist group and it’s mainly built around hard right Christian beliefs he says Judeo-Christian bc he’s Jewish, but I would wager the great majority of his following isn’t. So again, like Hamas religion is a core component of his beliefs. So don’t be fooled by Grossman saying he supports Western values bc he doesn’t. His beliefs are more like Hamas and all the other authoritarian and autocratic right-wing movements around the world. I deeply object to you ending your article by allowing Grossman to lie about his values. They’re NOT the Western values most of us in the West subscribe to and allowing him to say so without stating what those values are is an open endorsement of them.

  3. Does Grossman get paid by the word, like Dickens? Some Dickens novels are shorter than Seth’s screeeds, and certainly less extreme in thought.

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