Foreign Wind Company Orsted Places $100 million Bet on NJ Offshore Turbines

ORSTED WIND New Jersey Turbines.
NJ Gov Murphy Wind Plans

Orsted Wind doubling down on their offshore wind plan. The Danish energy company has pledged a $100 million guarantee to build New Jersey’s first offshore wind farm.

Orsted betting they’ll complete the Ocean Wind Turbine project off by end of DEC 2025.

If not up and running by then, Orsted will lose that $100 mil being held in escrow.

The Board of Public Utilities in New Jersey approved an agreement with Orsted.

Industrialization of New Jersey coastal waters.

Destroying the environment, in order to save it. WTF.

NJ Gov Murphy and NJ Senate hopeful Caren Fitzpatrick support foreign company controlled NJ energy supply.

Marine Mammal Stranding Center (MMSC) remains quiet during what many consider an ongoing marine mammal slaughter. To date, Brigantine Mayor Vince Sera has avoided talk of limited MMSC leadership.

Governor Murphy willing to sacrifice marine habitat, in order for New Jersey becoming East Coast hub for offshore wind energy.

Experimental wind farms now facing substantial, bi-partisan opposition. Costs, risky benefits, destruction of marine environment, harm to fisheries, fear of whale and marine mammal extinction.

Wind companies like Orsted want greater tax breaks and financial support from New Jersey taxpayers.

While offshore wind is facing weakening support, so is the automotive industry. Lackluster sales of EV cars and trucks forsing GM and FORD to take substantial losses due to Govt mandated EV production.

Will Orsted complete the offshore wind project? Can the foreign mega-company overcome delays in the supply chain, higher interest rates, and a lack of sufficient tax credits from NJ and the federal government?

Orsted gets their $100 million back if they don’t get government approvals.

Orsted is required to reach commercial operation by December 2025.

If Orsted forfeits the money, it could be returned to New Jersey utility ratepayers.

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6 thoughts on “Foreign Wind Company Orsted Places $100 million Bet on NJ Offshore Turbines”

    1. Facts over opinion

      Sorry to let reality get in the way of emotion and exaggeration. Do you know why the Marine Mammal Stranding Center and other agencies have remained quiet? Because they know there is no actual evidence to support the exaggerated claims you’re making. Only theory, opinion, and emotion.

      You’re far better off protesting crowded shipping lanes, as vessel strikes are the number one PROVEN cause of whale deaths worldwide.

      1. Sharyn Abramowitz

        Thanks for your response. What do you have to say re bird mortality. And thank you for making me aware of the crowded shipping lane issue.
        I remain strongly opposed to wind farms

  1. Facts over opinion

    I think that far more birds and other marine life, as well as 1500 humans on the US have been directly killed or injured by oil and gas as the status quo, that apparently you have no issue with either. And the clear linkage of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. Oil/gas spills, explosions, leaks and directly damaged as a result of their production and extraction. Would you be calling it barbaric if drilling was proposed 10-13 miles off the coast?

    More study on all is needed, but this direct causal of the windfarm deaths in whales is not matched by the numbers of evidence.

  2. Don't get 'Turfed

    Astroturfing: “the deceptive practice of presenting an orchestrated marketing or public relations campaign in the guise of unsolicited comments from members of the public.”

    The funny thing about the fearmongering of “foreign” energy is that it originates from Koch Bros and others in the oil industry astroturfing designed to kill clean energy and open the door to the Keystone XL, which ironically is also a foreign-owned pipeline, owned by Canada and bringing foreign oil into the US. The Koch brothers don’t care about national security though, its all about getting their oil pipeline up and running.

    So they attack from all sides – fund “think tanks” like the Cato institute to argue against clean energy and lobby politicians, and attempt to sway public opinion away from green energy by manipulating bleeding-heart, save the whales crowd. It appears to be working amazingly well.

    The actual researchers who (for very little pay) devote their lives to marine biology and marine mammal rescue see no connection between wind farms and whale deaths. Vessel strikes – caused by changing marine animal migratory patterns is the known cause…changes in water temperature (from global warming) are the most obvious culprit.

    Protect our Coast, Protect Nantucket Sound, these sound like good-intentioned organizations and they have caught some good-hearted people in their nets, like dolphin in a tuna net. But make no mistake, there is big $ oil interests at the heart of these “environmental” organizations. The info is out there, Koch bros try to hide their involvement in some cases through multiple layers of donors, but if you follow the $ you see where it leads. This is, and always has been about Keystone XL and eliminating its competition.

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