‘Thrown to Wind’ Documentary Exposes Government Destruction of Marine Habitat

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For years, the government has insisted that the increase in whale deaths off the East Coast has no relationship to the wind industry’s high-decibel pile driving and boat activity.

But now, a new documentary, ‘Thrown To The Wind,’ based on new research, will challenge that.

The film documents surprisingly loud, high-decibel sonar emitted by wind industry vessels when measured with state-of-the-art hydrophones. And it shows that the wind industry’s increased boat traffic is correlated directly with specific whale deaths.

From journalist Michael Shellenberger: Exposing U.S. government agencies and the scientists who work for them.

Either they haven’t done the basic mapping and acoustic research to back up their claims, have done the research badly, or found what we found, and are covering it up.

Documentary, “Thrown To The Wind,” proves that US government officials have been lying.

Erosion of trust. NOAA and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), the two government agencies that have betrayed the public’s trust, repeatedly, for years, in service to powerful industrial interests.

62 dead whales.

Watch Thrown to the Wind.

Shellenberger: Politics and money have corrupted the normal scientific and regulatory process for protecting the North Atlantic Right Whales and marine life in general.

More proof: wind industry activities are killing whales. High-decibel sonar mapping can disorient whales, separate mothers from their calves, and send them into harm’s way, either into boat traffic or poorer feeding grounds.

Who can you trust?

‘Saving the North Atlantic Right Whale is a goal that is within reach and well worth pursuing. Yes, its numbers have plummeted from over 400 to just 340 at the last estimate. But the species will likely rebound if the sonar mapping and new boat activity in previously untrafficked areas is ended’ says Shellenberger.

BOEM could be in violation of the Endangered Species Act. High-decibel sound emissions appear to violate NOAA’s protective standards for marine life.

62 known whale deaths on the east coast since Dec. 1, 2022. Once rare whale strandings have increased since 2016. North Atlantic right whales are headed for extinction. Only 340 left.

Click the link to watch the documentary. Spend the 10 bucks. Help support the cause.

19 thoughts on “‘Thrown to Wind’ Documentary Exposes Government Destruction of Marine Habitat”

  1. Stop Killing Whales.

    Where is MMSC, marine mammal stranding center? Where is Greenpeace? Local green teams? Stockton? Those who care about the marine environment? Nowhere to be found. shame on MMSC in Brigantine.

    1. “green party” movement has always been a scam. tax payer money given to wealthy corporations that back presidential candidates, only for the people to end up paying more money upfront for energy, with less energy available.. 40 years of this sht because fascist socialists have TOO much political power throughout western nations.

      it was NEVER about “saving the Earth.” it was ALWAYS about political power.

  2. When will we see the article about the long-proven environmental, marine and human damages caused by oil and gas production and extraction ? Or does that just not fit the agenda?

    1. Stay focus on the New Jersey issue in front of us. Wind doesn’t build a car, clothing, appliances etc. Dead whales is an issue right here and now.

      1. Wind doesn’t build those things. Neither does oil and gas, they all can power the building of those things. Not sure what your point is, other than you’ve ignored the point – criticizing unproven things about wind while ignoring KNOWN issues with oil and gas is both convenient and dangerous.

    2. The agenda? The offshore wind proposed on the Australian NSW coast is being implemented despite the availability of crown land that could be utilised for this purpose but of course then it can’t be sold later for profit. Marine life is acceptable collateral in the climate emergency apparently. The fossil fuel argument is irrelevant when they also have land to place this costly and unreliable technology. A white whale so to speak.

  3. The last time someone turned water into blood was when Moses confronted Pharoah in Egypt and the Lord God did so. And now Mr. Murphy, Mr. Biden, Mr. Kerry, you and your misguided alliances are about to do the same.

    When the stench of the death and carcasses of millions of whales, dolphins and other sea creatures is pushed by your beloved wind turbines over the nostrils of the people who live on the beaches in their mansions, and all the others who live on the barrier islands and enjoy the lovely beaches of New Jersey, you will be long remembered for the atrocity you brought to our world.

    The turbines are a sham, and millions of Americans are about to learn this. They do not belong anywhere in an ocean. The oil and other substances needed to run them will pollute the oceans as well.

    You will be the ones who killed the ocean in your misguided attempt to supposedly save the world.

    And when tourism dies, property values fall, electric rates double, triple and quadruple, and dead creatures so great in number that your workers can’t remove them from the beaches, bays, and waterways quick enough… and the stench of their rotting flesh fills the air, you will finally realize that when Man was given dominion over the other life on this planet, it was not given to do as we please.

    Rather, it was to be a good steward and protect all of it.

    With real dominion comes responsibility, and if you dare read the 4,000-page report published by one of the companies who are to do this work, you will find that the horrors of this project are real BECAUSE THE REPORT REVEALS ALL THIS WITHIN ITS PAGES!

  4. Irony: if these very same politicians said they were going to “drill baby drill” and put oil-drilling rigs 10-13 miles off our Downbeach coast, all of you faux “environmentalists” suddenly so concerned with whales would be praising these efforts… then again, big oil funds your political agenda. Go figure.

  5. Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine (MMSC) should be front and center in this fight. They are nowhere to be found.

    1. Perhaps unlike you and the rest of your crew, the MMSC is waiting for actual evidence rather than reaching to opinions, theories and assumptions.

  6. Schellenberger: The global campaign to stop the whaling industry was a stunning success. Whale species that teetered on the precipice of extinction, such as the humpback, bounced back. In 1982, 25 countries signed an international treaty to ban commercial whaling. More than three times that number now adhere to the ban, and the three countries that still practice commercial whaling do so in ignominy.

    But today, whales are once again under threat. Only this time, it isn’t whale hunters who are killing them. Instead, it’s the favored industry of the environmental movement itself: wind energy.

  7. Longport Mayor Nick Russo: Let’s not get distracted by a whale dying phenomenon that is not even remotely connected to the offshore wind projects.

  8. The stupid sh*t needs to stop. We’re witnessing destruction of whale species.

    Where are ‘Save The Whales’ groups? You’ve been bought or brain washed.

    Offshore wind mills need to stop before we destroy our marine life.

  9. I’m originally from northern New Jersey abutting the Palisades Pkwy, and the Hudson River, but grew up in the summers in Seaside Park, NJ. Now I reside in MA. The Biden Administration is mowing down everything good. It’s very sad. Our taxes are taken and used for their agenda.

  10. Your clothes are made from petroleum. Your cell phone is made from petroleum. Your furniture is made from petroleum.

    Your television is made from petroleum. waxes, lubricating oils, and asphalt.

    Fertilizer, flooring, perfume, insecticide, petroleum jelly, soap, vitamins, and some essential amino acids, soft contact lenses, solvents, speakers, sports car bodies, sun glasses, surf boards, sweaters, and more.

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