Tony Baloney’s Margate Delivers Delicious Decadence

Mike Hauke

In 2009, Mike Hauke opened his first Tony Baloney’s in a small deli in Atlantic City, steps from the Ocean Resort Casino, once known as REVEL.

Tony Baloney’s has a new location in Margate, near the border of Longport.

9702 Ventnor Ave, Margate City.

Tony Baloney’s is a true Jersey original serving up delicious decadence. A menu that might make you blush.

This is NOT not your grandpa’s pizza joint. Tony Boloney’s boldly goes where no pizzeria has gone before.

Tony Boloney’s in Margate

Pizza, Subs & Bad A$$ Grub

CLASSIC NJ CHEESE / classic jersey pie. nj tomato marinara, dry aged or vegan mozzarella.

I WILL F**KIN’ SMASH YOU / Sesame crust, smash burgers, dry aged X smoked mozzarella, smash sauce, dill pickle, caramelized onion.

JEWISH COWBOY / Burnt end brisket, passover sauce, dry aged mozzarella, babushka beet horseradish, havarti.

HEART ATTACK / buffalo chicken mac-n-cheese, smoked bacon, fresh X dry aged mozzarella, coolest ranch.

SHOOBIE SUB / potato chip crusted chicken cutlet, coolest ranch, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, dry aged mozzarella, potato chips.

DUCKTOWN MELT / marinated garlic herb shaved ribeye, smoked bacon, garlic aioli, fresh mozzarella on garlic bread.

‘BOKEN-BOY SUB / potato chip chicken cutlet, garlic aioli, soppressata, baby arugula, fresh & smoked mozzarella, lemon vinaigrette.



5 thoughts on “Tony Baloney’s Margate Delivers Delicious Decadence”

  1. Walked into Tony Baloney’s and for a minute I thought I was in lower Manhattan, NY. Did you notice the prices for a pizza and what’s with those names of pizzas

  2. I had their subs once this past January at their Atlantic City location.

    They were very good.

    I like the menu names.

    I do not think there has been a new sub shop in Margate in a long time?

  3. South End Pizza was there for 34 years I believe, so this replaces that. And the martini bar next store is the replacement for the even longer standing Pioneer Bar/South End PIzza/ Monroe Liquor. Good luck to the new businesses.

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