Ventnor Adopts 3 night minimum for Short-Term Rentals

Residents appreciate that Ventnor Commissioners listened to concerns about short-term rentals over the past 6 months.

But, most were disappointed when they heard the proposed 5 night minimum was reduced to a 3 night rental minimum.

What motivated Ventnor Commissioners to reduce it to three?

Mayor Landgraf: We need to get this adopted now to have any impact this summer. Amending the ordinance again would delay the mercantile license process. It’s a work in progress.

Ventnor Commission Meeting of June 8, 2023.

Rich Gober: I give you all the credit in the world. Still, there is concern about enforcement and illegal airbnb’s. For last 6 months, very admirable that you have been listening.

Bill Sill, President of St Leonard’s Association: Prefer longer minimums. We appreciate the effort. Make this a test summer. Then tweak each year.

Going from zero to five nights does seem extreme. But 7 nights are becoming the norm in many shore towns.

Susan attended her first Commission meeting. She came to Ventnor 11 years ago. 30% of her block is Airbnb. She saw 23 people in one short term rental (STR). 9 bedrooms. 9 baths.

Maybe owner-occupied properties get different treatment? Especially during off season.

Commissioner Mento: 21 may be too young of an age to rent a short term rental. Maybe you need to be at least 25 yrs of age?

Call VCPD to report problems, otherwise city has no record of nuisance homes.

Retired fireman said: you better be ready for all the problems that come with short term rentals.

We are a neighborhood, not a party town. Bigger houses need longer stay requirements.

Keep residential in the resident district.

One STR, short-term rental owner (Kurt) wants no limits. No minimum stay requirements.

Dave: short-term rental owners tend to be more vocal. Actual residents need to be more vocal.

In Northbeach…600 parking spots, with 6000 requests for a parking pass.

Shoulder season of OCT thru MAY. Custom rules?

Maybe limit total number of STR’s one owner can operate in Ventnor?

Ventnor needs more year-round residents. Short Term Rentals (STR) reduce full-time residency. Hurts year-round business environment.

Note: Notification of Ventnor meetings could be improved. Consider having residents subscribe to email blast or RSS feeds.

Newspapers are no longer a viable platform for legal notifications. Social media has limited reach unless city pays to post.

7 thoughts on “Ventnor Adopts 3 night minimum for Short-Term Rentals”

  1. Wow.

    Should have been a 7 day minimum.

    You will have people coming and going.

    There goes the neighborhood as they say.

  2. Interesting how human beings are characterized by the number of days they reside in a rental. Also, interesting how people are chacterized by there status as local or visitor.

    1. Locals use to rule the area and the “Shoebees” knew their place so to speak.

      Now, there are less locals and the “Shoebees” are ruling the area so to speak.

  3. Hey. Just wanted to add in to the rental minimum topic. A three night minimum works great! People are in and out for a three day weekend. They typically are out and about doing things in AC, Ventnor or Margate which leaves less time for them to be hanging at the house. That’s a win for the neighbors.

  4. Greedy Landlord

    Some Airbnb landlords asking: how come no one wants to book my house? Maybe it’s because you evicted a family of 4, converted their home into a shoddy duplex, filled it with clearance bin TJ Maxx decor, and charge guests $200 for a cleaning fee.

    1. Get the facts right

      EVICTED ? You just can’t evict someone without cause, and even then it’s a long and painful legal process to eviction. And if someone’s lease is up and you don’t offer them a renewal, that’s not “eviction” either. Sorry, but your comment on evictions is just exaggeration and BS.

  5. I have stopped staying in Airbnb because they have taken the housing stock out of cities. Finding housing for locals has become a huge problem and I didn’t want to contribute to this. Like you, I have been happy to stay in hotels or hostels .

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