VIDEO: Brigantine Mayor Faces Short-Term Rental lawsuit

Karen Bew and Mayor Vince Sera of Brigantine
Brigantine’s Bew & Sera

Why does Brigantine have hundreds of short-term rentals controlled by absentee landlords?

One likely answer: Brigantine has virtually no rules, restrictions or enforcement of current, city short-term rental law.

Growing concern that a small group of well-funded, absentee STR landlords are gaining control of Brigantine’s future with the help of Mayor Sera and City Manager Platt.

VIDEO: Angry Brigantine residents.

Short-Term Rentals Harming Quality Of Life In Brigantine.

I’m no lawyer, but sounds like Mayor Sera is colluding with anonymous short-term rental operators while ignoring local homeowners?


Collusion allegations in Brigantine over short-term rentals

Mayor Sera admitted to meeting privately (impromptu) with the Brigantine STR Association. Soon after what some consider a legally ‘sketchy’ meeting, Sera changed the pending STR recommendations / amendments, as well as the scheduled vote.

Email from Brigantine’s MAYOR SERA: Last week, we had a very positive meeting with representatives of the Short-Term Rental Association. They presented a reasonable proposal on how they and the City could work together to solve the short-term rental issues on the Island. As a result, City Council’s STR Committee has amended its proposal. The City attorney is in process of reviewing changes. We are hoping to have something ready for the public at October 4 council meeting. (There will be no vote at Sept 20 meeting)

As predicted, Brigantine Mayor Vince Sera and City Manager Tiger Platt delayed the promised STR, short-term-rental vote scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 20.

brigantine city manager platt
Short-Term Rental Turmoil.

Class Action Lawsuits Against Sera and Platt were threatened not once, but three times during the council meeting.

‘You’re all culpable’ said residents during public comment. Negligence for past 7 years. Lip service. We showed you evidence. You’ve been negligent.

VIDEO: Brigantine Mayor Faces Short-Term Rental lawsuit 1 VIDEO: Brigantine Mayor Faces Short-Term Rental lawsuit
Dangerous Behavior

Resident Andrea: Allowing anything less than a ONE WEEK MINIMUM will turn our residential zone, comprised of single-family homes, into a cluster of “Mc Mansion” motels/hotels. New York City recently banned STRs. Watch how former New York City STR property owners seek out other destinations to continue their STR business… like Brigantine. A 2 or 3 night rental minimum will destroy our island. Wreak havoc in our neighborhoods. STR property owners represent a small fraction of residential property owners in Brigantine. That’s less than 1%. Minimum stay requirement should be 1 WEEK. Just like most other shore towns.

Jack Murray is the Brigantine Fire Official. He manages inspection of 1,000+ local rental properties. Murray wants City Manager Platt to hire more inspectors, asap. Murray doesn’t attend council meetings.

Young families can’t afford Brigantine. Middle class families systematically forced out thanks to rapid rise of illegal party houses in residential neighborhoods. Some Brigantine homeowners now consider selling. Others threaten legal action against Sera and Platt.

Some deciding NOT to retire in Brigantine.

Yes, some will file complaints against Sera and Platt, yet others with deep pockets will swoop in and grow their party-house portfolio along Brigantine Beach.

Weekend party people don’t go to local restaurants or stores. They bring their own kegs, bars, catering and music.

Brigantine Short-Term Rental Occupancy Violations

VIDEO: Brigantine Mayor Faces Short-Term Rental lawsuit 2 VIDEO: Brigantine Mayor Faces Short-Term Rental lawsuit
Occupancy Violations?


9 thoughts on “VIDEO: Brigantine Mayor Faces Short-Term Rental lawsuit”

  1. An elected official should be meeting with their constituents, both those that agree with what he’s doing and those who won’t.

    But it’s typical of this site to call it “collusion” when it doesn’t align with their agenda.

    For the record, I DO think the STR in Brigantine and other shore towns should be more tightly controlled and rules/codes enforced , but the need to label and accuse everything that disagrees with the agenda on here as collusion or corruption is just lame.

    1. Can you prove to the contrary.
      The impression left by city officials makes it look that way.
      If it walks and quacks like a duck.
      It is duck.

    2. STRs that are less than a week have destroyed residential neighborhoods, created lack of long-term rental options, and disrespect by some renters (beer bottles on sidewalks, overflowing trash bins, noise, marijuana smells, etc.).

      Have them all be one week or more. Use a hotel if you want a day or two.

      P.S… There are several STRs being flipped from Ventnor to Brigantine that are in such bad condition they are literally tear downs.

    1. You’d have to stop all rental, but just those via AirBnB and other organizations. And you need to have both policies AND enforcement/penalties for violations, or the whole effort would be moot.

  2. @Really
    It’s already happen in London and NYC. They are creating new laws to curb STRs via Airbnb, Vrbo, etc. NJ just needs to follow suit and do the same. This should not impact non-STRs.

    1. I believe those efforts are aimed at reducing/having better controls on STR, not banning companies that administer them. Controls/enforcement is needed irrespective of the vendor renting units.

    2. Curb, yes. BAN, no. And the curbs are aimed at tightening rules on parties, and requiring minimum stays. And while it reduced the overall numbers by 1/2 to 2/3, it hardly “banned” or eliminated them. That’s the point — your can’t simply BAN them.

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