VIDEO: Ocean City Wind Turbine Protestors Arrested

Video: @thomleevideos

On Sept 12, a group opposed to offshore wind farms gathered on 35th Street in Ocean City. They’re hope was to slow or stop the foreign-based energy company called Orsted.

Six people were arrested for disorderly conduct. Allegedly, the peaceful protestors did not vacate the work zone as ordered.

Sonar mapping of the ocean floor is believed to have contributed to over 70 whale deaths in the past year.

ORSTED is bleeding money and investor support. NJ Gov Murphy is considering giving ORSTED more funding / tax breaks.

Orsted’s Ocean Wind 1 wants to run high-power electric cables under Ocean City beaches, parks and streets.

We’re trying to stop Orsted. Trying to save our ocean. Trying to save our beaches and community.

We’re willing to do whatever it takes to stop this. It’s not green, it’s not clean’.

Windmill Protest. Sept 10, 2023

They’re going to tear up all these streets and wetlands. Oceans are about to be destroyed. We have the right to protect them. Stop industrializing it. Do not build a power plant in the ocean.

We know it’s not going to work. They already know these don’t work. It’s already proven.

We stand on the brink of investing vast sums of taxpayer and ratepayer funds into a project that carries multiple uncertainties.

A network of power cables will travel from wind farms just off the coast, under the beach at 35th Street and through the city to the former B.L. England power plant at Beesleys Point.

By remaining neutral, marine mammal experts have indirectly supported ORSTED and their use of harmful sonar mapping of the sea floor.

“This testing today only proves that Orsted is continuing with the project, and we are going to continue to fight in court and in the streets if we have to,” said Robin Shaffer of Protect Our Coast NJ.

7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Ocean City Wind Turbine Protestors Arrested”

  1. Don't trust Koch Bros

    Protect our Coast, the Caesar Rodney Institute…. all roads lead back to the Koch Brothers. They don’t care about the environment or whales, this is just a way to kill green energy and get their precious Keystone XL project back in favor.

    1. As a Protect Our Coast member, I can assure you the affiliation with Caesar Rodney ended once it was discovered they were a petroleum company.

      Washington Post did not check their information, or the Koch Brothers.

      Our intent is only to protect our Coast. Aside from the dead marine life (which Orsted calls “takes” and accounts for in their reports) the scallop industry is also suffering.

      This energy is not green. It’s a by-product of the fossil fuel industry. It relies on fossil fuel for construction, installation and maintenance.

      Orsted was previously Danish Oil and Natural Gas. Like NJ Governor Murphy, it has ties with Goldman Sachs

  2. Disgusting the way in which these protesters were treated . I am appalled that Police act this way ( excessively ) in light of the current sentiment and belief that our police forces are not courteous , professional, and restrained in dealing with people expressing their Constitutional Rights.

  3. Law enforcement should start arresting the politicians pushing this crap. Remember, law enforcement families live in the same geo-location. At some point you just say no, no, we’re not going to arrest them. Same goes for all the trans crap being pushed on kids.

    1. So, you want the police to selectively enforce the laws that they are charged with enforcing, and then arrest politicians that have a different view than you. Wow. On top of that you add in “trans crap”. Your level of parochialism is unbelievable.

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