Wind Execs Catch Hell At Atlantic City Public Hearing
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Wind energy company, Atlantic Shores, needs to dig up parts of Atlantic City. Atlantic Shores Wind plans to install miles of underground and underwater, electric transmission lines. Permits still needed in order to build out their offshore wind operation.

Guardians of The East Coast organized this event last Thursday. Protect Our Coast and Defend Brigantine were also represented.

Atlantic Shores asking for control of:

  • 2 acres of prime AC beach & boardwalk.
  • Portion of Bader Field.
  • Portion of Pete Pallitto Playground.

Were minority residents of Atlantic City properly informed of this town hall? That question was raised during the Atlantic Shores WIND public hearing, July 27 at Atlantic City City Hall. See video.

‘Thousands of residents with little or no knowledge of what Atlantic Shores WIND (and ORSTED) is bringing.

I can only assume you have not reached out to the minority population. Yet, you’re coming here to take their parks, recreation areas, beaches and streets. ‘

Wind project will disproportionally affect inner city. Much higher electric rates and harmful power transmission lines buried under their kid’s playgrounds and beaches.

AC Councilmen Kaleem Shabazz and Sporty Randolph both may have suggested it was ‘racist’ to discuss why local minorities were not properly represented at this critical WIND TURBINE meeting.

Stop making everything about race. Why isn’t the local community here?

Public comment.

Atlantic Shores says their wind project is at risk without additional NJ taxpayer funding.

Michael Butler: Industrialization of sea coast is a terrible idea! Wind turbines require enormous amount of energy to produce and operate. Coastal environment is harsh – reducing turbine’s lifespan to less than estimated 20 yrs. Reliable, cost effective energy from offshore wind is wishful thinking.

Local media is feeding everybody garbage. News about wind and whales is so inaccurate.

Atlantic City resident.
Atlantic City Wind Turbines Kill Whales

Residents of Atlantic City being kept in the dark about harmful affects of living near powerlines. Electro-magnetic fields running under AC playgrounds, beaches, boardwalk and other public spaces.

Visit Protect our Coast NJ



Visit Guardians of The East Coast.

Protect Our Coast NJ and Defend Brigantine Beach filed lawsuit seeking to overturn law that gave the Ørsted wind company, $1 billion in taxpayer funded relief.

NJ Legislature recently sided with Danish wind company ORSTED.

NJ giving ORSTED a billion dollars in tax credits. This allows ØRSTED to ignore commitment to build offshore wind farm with it’s own cash.

Orsted’s Ocean Wind 1 features 100 wind turbines at 1,000 ft. high, just off the Jersey shoreline.

Electricity generated from the turbines comes ashore via array of power cables buried just beneath public areas. (beach, boardwalk, playground)

After recent NJ tax break for Orsted Wind was approved, Atlantic Shores Wind now demanding tax breaks too.

Industrialization of the ocean. Offshore construction will, no doubt, harm local tourism and fishing.

Historic rate of marine mammal deaths in New Jersey and New York.

Ørsted and NJ Gov Murphy have a real expensive fight on their hands. Lawsuits are piling up.


Notably absent from hearing:

  • Governor’s Liaison, Chris Brown
  • NJ Senator Vince Polistina
  • Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small
  • County Commissioner Ernest Coursey
  • Assemblyman Don Guardian
  • MMSC, Marine Mammal Stranding Center
  • Local Green Teams
  • Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce
  • Stockton University
  • CRDA

NO live stream of Event

AC Mayor Marty Small did not support live video stream and recording of hearing.

Guardians of The East Coast: a proactive group of Patriots working around the clock to stop offshore wind from destroying our ecosystem, killing our mammals, and destroying our local economies, kill tourism, small businesses, and our fishing industry. They will not rest until this becomes a 2024 ticket topic; to ban offshore wind on the East Coast and decommissioning of obsolete turbines already in our waters and on our lands.

The Guardians of The East Coast.

16 thoughts on “Wind Execs Catch Hell At Atlantic City Public Hearing”

  1. With herculean effort to keep beaches & water clean to protect marine life & natural beauty, we’re giving a tax break to ‘for-profit’ industries to wipe it all out.

    Yes, there will be high paying jobs but at what cost?

    Might be time to say goodbye to our beloved Ventnor. I’m running out of good reasons to pay exorbitant tax burden that allows for such obscene impact to our legacy beaches, ocean and the marine life we all enjoy.

    Enjoy your Summer.

  2. An environmental disaster at taxpayers expense. I live in Atlantic City. No one in my building (lower income, all cultures) was informed.

    This is being done behind everyone’s back, from crooked politicians to Atlantic Shores Wind.

    Hasn’t Atlantic City suffered enough?

  3. City plans to turn over recreation land to the foreign wind turbine company. They will run EMF-emitting (cancer causing) transmission lines through Atlantic City neighborhoods.

    Residents were not informed of this planned action and were minimally represented at the meeting. Talk about environmental injustice.

    Where were the Atlantic City community leaders who are supposed to be protecting the rights of its citizens?

  4. Absecon Islander

    ‘No shows’ to hearing: Chris Brown, Polistina, Mayor Small, County Commissioner Coursey, Assemblyman Guardian, Marine Mammal Stranding Center, Local Green Teams, Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce, Stockton University and CRDA.

  5. You can leave your comments and questions up until AUGUST 10, 2023 Comments can be emailed to [email protected]. All comments received by the DEP will be delivered to Atlantic Shores after the public comment period (hopefully uncensored).

    The PowerPoint presentation presented by Atlantic Shores can be found at This particular meeting took place on July 27, 2023 and was about “Diversions”.

    It is important that you educate yourself AND make your opinion known.

  6. Require all the vested companies, the city and the state put up a bond if they are so sure of the positive outcome. They are willing to spot Orsted with a Billion then a Billion Dollar bond shouldn’t be an issue to clean up the aftermath should it turn to S__t.

  7. Wind farm situation is sickening. Hopefully all lawsuits against it will prevail.

    Politicians in AC should be ashamed of themselves. They are corrupt sellouts. Just sickening.

  8. The billion dollars you speak of are tax payer dollars! The so-called vested corporations will never agree to Nick’s idea. But that would be wonderful if they did agree!

    1. I live in a low income building in Atlantic City no one was informed about this environmental disaster the politicians are lying these people have no idea of what is about to happen

  9. NJ politicians take our hard earned tax dollars to pollute our ocean and kill marine life. Why was there not a ballot referendum for this project?

    More whales and dolphins have washed up on the east coast shores this year, than ever in our state’s history. Just as Orsted’s sonar surveys were happening.

    And what about the oil it takes to run the turbines? That will be dripping in the ocean.

    And these wind turbines last 30 years–as they stop working, the shards of metal will be all over the ocean floor. Who will take care of them when they are no longer working?

    Remember–when JFK was president-he stopped this project in MA all of those decades ago-because the sight of turbines in the ocean were an eyesore for the owners of beachfront property.

    It devalues shore property! But-now it’s ok to destroy our oceans and the aesthetics of our shoreline? At the taxpayers expense.

    STOP this environmental and financial disaster NOW!

  10. suzanne hornick

    Marty Small (AC Mayor) may not support video recording of this scoping hearing but I believe this hearing is required by law to be entered into BOEM’s record.

    Atlantic Shores is required (not that laws are actually being followed thanks to president and governor) to hold several public hearings on this step, as well as others in the process.

    Every single comment is supposed to be entered into the public record. If that didn’t happen here, I believe it could be cause for yet another lawsuit.


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