Wind Turbines, Electric Vehicles Lose Favor With Frugal Consumers

Orsted Wind Ventnor Margate Brigantine

As the country sinks slowly into recession, consumer patience with green energy initiatives is wearing thin.

Strapped taxpayers seemingly no longer interested in funding foreign wind companies like ORSTED that want to industrialize U.S. waters.

Consumers also thinking about pros and cons of an EV, electric vehicle purchase.

Even though Danish developer Orsted cancelled their New Jersey project, Gov. Murphy still plowing ahead with other wind-power experiments.

NJ state Board of Public Utilities now seeking bids for a wind power transmission facility.

Margate Offshore Wind

Let’s not forget this pending NJ wind farms project called Atlantic Shores, a project by EDF and Shell.

Atlantic Shores has three offshore wind energy lease areas totaling more than 400 square miles under active development.  

Located 10 miles off the coast of South Jersey between Atlantic City and Barnegat Light.

Who are supporting partners of the Atlantic Shores wind project?

Rutgers, Stockton, NJ Chamber of Commerce, Greater Atlantic City Chamber, Gary Hill and MBCA, Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City and Atlantic County Economic Alliance and many others.

Electric Vehicles and Wind Turbines; Are They Really Green?

NJ Gov. Murphy now targeting gas-powered cars and trucks. Murphy wants all new vehicles to be electric by 2035. Automakers finally pushing back.

Ford CEO halts EV production.

Ford forced to halt EV production.

NJ Gov Murphy ignoring public’s waning interest in electric vehicles. Automotive manufacturers pushing back on EV mandates.

Public Comment.

Ford’s electric vehicle (EV) inventory of 92,000 unsold electric cars causing concern. Company reported financial loss of $4.5 billion in a single year related to EV endeavors.

For a trusted local perspective, what do this father and son team of webcasters think about electric vehicles? Watch video.

Live from Ventnor NJ, it’s CarEdge with Ray & Zack.

3 thoughts on “Wind Turbines, Electric Vehicles Lose Favor With Frugal Consumers”

  1. The course this country is going forget the EV and wind mill BS. Just get Biden and Murphy out of politics. Focus on getting America back again. These two have done enough damage.

  2. No, the country is not “slowly sinking into recession.” That is untrue.
    What is true is that climate change is happening now. Just ask your kids and grandkids.
    Insurance companies know very well that climate change is an imminent threat to all coastal communities.
    Question for readers who still think we can stick our heads in the sand while the tides rise, the street flooding gets worse, and the torrential rain storms increase:
    Have you checked your homeowners insurance premium lately?

  3. Government subsidies (tax credits) for buyers of EVs, government subsidies (local, state, federal) to encourage construction of new EV and Li-Ion battery production facilities in the US, government issued mandates that will prohibit ICE vehicles sales after a certain near future year (Cali so far, more states probably considering it) and STILL, the auto industry can’t figure out how to make a profit on EVs.

    Why? The public has begun to understand the true cost of EVs, both economical and environmental (just wait a few more years when “what to do with the spent / worn out batteries” becomes an environmental concern) and the “early adopters” that just have to have the latest technology in every facet of their life have bought their first / second EV and there are fewer folks that can afford the (even subsidized) higher priced EVs being sold here.

    Remember how nuclear power plants were supposed to be a great idea for electricity generation? Where are they now? How many new nuclear power plants are being built in the U. S.? How many are being decomissioned and shut down? How much radioactive waste is there stored in the U. S. and how dangerous is it to transport it from the power plant to the burial / storage site?

    Remember how plastic shopping bags were going to save the planet from deforestation? Where are they now? They are clogging the waterways, littering the landscape and some states have banned their use. Hmmm . . . How did we not see that 35 years ago when they were an environmentalist’s darling?

    EVs are a concept, sold as a solution to an enviromental issue, supported by government subsidies (which are sold by lobbyists to politicians as a “hot topic” item) that at some point will end up in the trash heap of history. Unless, of course, there are major breakthroughs in battery technology design and disposal that actually make them carbon neutral or negative.

    Now that state governments are getting into the act by issuing “bans” on the sale of ICE vehicles in their state in the near future, can you see the handwriting on the wall?

    Once new ICE vehicle sales are prohibited, what are the less affluent consumers going to do? They will flock to the used ICE vehicle market and you will see used ICE vehicle values / prices skyrocket.

    Banning the sale of the majority of incandescent light bulbs and the advances in LED technology might be the ONE area where the new product / technology actually is a better concept and will benefit humanity. Kudos to everyone on that issue, for now.

    Nice try, government, but the supply and demand curve and unforeseen environmental effects of what you are trying to force down the public’s throat will beat you at your game in the end, again.

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