16 Damaged Margate Homes, Will Ventnor Sign Dredge Spoils Deal?

John Scott Abbott Margate Solicitor
Margate Solicitor John Scott Abbott

Margate Commissioners met on December 16 to discuss, among other things, Amherst Ave litigation and dredge spoils.

Solicitor John Scott Abbott says another meeting planned for Dec 22 between Margate and Ventnor should ‘resolve it’. It’s all about the money.

Ventnor facing sizable fees for variety of expenses related to Margate’s project?

Margate Solicitor Abbott; Back bay dredging and Shelter Island disposal site.

Listen to City Engineer Ed Dennis, Solicitor John Abbott and Business Admin Rich Deaney.

Margate City Engineer Ed Dennis still working on the city-wide dredging permits. Almost ready, says Ed.

Dennis reported updated dredge spoils quantities, volumes, cubic yardage. How much expense will be connected to the city, how much connected to private property owners? Use this data to develop budget numbers.

Roger McLarnon is the designated go-between for Ventnor & Margate. Roger should answer questions to their satisfaction, says Abbott.

Abbott: We need their (Ventnor) signature for access to the water portion of Shelter Island disposal site.

Agreement 50 / 50. Shelter Island is shared between Ventnor and Margate.

Rich Deaney: Really quite expensive.

Margate Business Admin Richard Deaney: put this in writing by end of year. What permitting has been done? What vendors are there? Need a summary of project.

Need summary of what still needs to be done. How much money do we need?

NJ Congressman Jeff Van Drew working on a dredging plan for Cape May & Atlantic counties. This would cover all federal waterways. Could cover marina areas as well, helping with economic development and tourism.

Deaney: Margate should be ready with permits. We need to have permits to ‘latch onto’ this federal project.

Note: Margate Business Admin Rich Deaney still opposed to residents asking questions via ZOOM during public comment. Becker, Amodeo and Blumberg all in agreement with Deaney. Many residents still not comfortable attending meetings in person.

16 Margate Homes Along Amherst Claim Damages

Amherst Ave, between Douglas & Clarendon. Paving should start Monday Dec 20.

Margate Homeowners vs Mathis Construction, Sink hole damage status.

‘Mediation’ meeting with Mathis Construction scheduled for January 25, overseen by retired Superior Court Judge Baldwin.

Margate wants Travelers Insurance to pay city’s legal expenses.

16 Margate homes have contacted City about damage to their homes.

Some are reluctant to make claims. Fearing a rate hike.

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