AirBnB and Short-Term Rental Homes in Ventnor To Face Stricter Laws

Ventnor resident Patrick Klein has a beef with a Ventnor AirBnB. Not all of them, just the crazy one right next to his family home at 404 North Dorset Ave.

It’s a nuisance rental home. My biggest enemy right now.

Klein starts to worry every Friday…. who’s gonna be my neighbor this weekend? Over 20 people in a home that only has a bath and a half. Nine cars for one home, too

A mercantile licence will soon be mandatory for Ventnor short term rentals. (30 days or less)

Ventnor New Jersey Air BnB rentals
Air BnB

According to Ventnor Commissioner Landgraf, ‘there are about 40+ short-term rental properties in Ventnor. Most are fine. There are a handful of problem properties. We can’t stop short term rentals in Ventnor.’

Too many violations, and they could lose their privilege to rent. Pull their mercantile. Maybe they will screen their renters better.


2 thoughts on “AirBnB and Short-Term Rental Homes in Ventnor To Face Stricter Laws”

  1. These short term rentals are a nightmare, if for just the parking situation alone. The other issue , as the gentleman said, is never knowing who is coming and going.. You buy in a “ residential” neighborhood only to have it become a commercial one. It appears from the video that the safety and well being of residents takes a back seat to money that might be spent. Having your summer constantly disrupted, calling the police, no parking all summer( since the short term rentals) , have ruined the quality of life for many full time residents.

  2. I agree and disagree. I’ve been renting homes at the beach for 20+ years. I don’t see anything different than what’s been going on for 20+ years. Maybe it’s just happening more?

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