Letter to Editor: Why Does Margate Defend Developer Baglivo?

Thursday’s Margate Commissioners meeting was a real eye opener to how Margate City government works.

Letter To Editor from Margate resident, Patrick Geddes:

A developer suspected of zoning violations is asked if he has more units then 6 and he says no, there is only 6. His attorney uses Covid for some reason that I couldn’t figure out and that he’s going to be converting to condos, and this is just a ‘neighbor’ issue not a ‘zoning’ issue. Margate City agrees.

There is no more number A/B on all doors, but now, there are just last names. BTW, there are 12 doors with signs on them with 2 names being the same (mother/son) and the rest of the names are unique.

Did the city notice this? No, they didn’t.

Questions to Margate Solicitor Abbott about the leases. Mr Abbott did not really know what was in the leases, except that there are only 6 units.

Questions to Margate Code Enforcement officer Jim Galantino about inspections and ripping kitchens out, were a surprise to him. Galantino stumbles a bit and says yes, they were inspected after the kitchens were ripped out. ‘Photos were taken’.

I recently talked to a guy who had signed a Baglivo apt lease a few weeks back. He said he was renting a one bedroom in the Baglivo complex.

After some conversation, he said that in his lease, he wasn’t allowed to park in the lot between 10a and 10p.

I also spoke with the owner of the new liquor store. (which is very nice by the way and she is really nice) She told me the parking lot is hers during business hours.

I asked her if all of the Baglivo apartments were rented and she confirmed and said all 12 units are rented.

Wondering what the current renters are thinking about these units going condo? How much time will they have? Will Baglivo be ripping out the extra kitchens again before the apt to condo conversion?

I asked Baglivo Atty Mr. Goldstein, on Friday morning, if he would like to walk the second and third floor of that complex and he said he would not.

I’ve contacted the Atlantic County Prosecutors office to investigate the zoning violations and the city officials allowing this to happen. I would encourage others to do the same.

We need to make sure that any new projects that Baglivo does is watched closely by construction/zoning officials, maybe new officials who will not allow him to run the city.

If any renters, both residential and commercial at 9710 want to talk about this, please reach out to Mayor Collins (mcollins@margate-nj.com), he is good about getting back to you.

Margate had the ability to ask to inspect the inside of these units, and chose not to do so.

Margate had the ability to ask a Margate judge for a warrant to inspect these apt units based on suspected zoning violations, and they did not. I still can’t figure out the reason for that unless they’ve known all along that there were 12 Baglivo apt units.

We need to keep this going so Margate can go back to being a nice beach town to purchase a home / condo, and to not allow people with wads of cash to get away with anything.

Patrick Geddes.


8 thoughts on “Letter to Editor: Why Does Margate Defend Developer Baglivo?”

  1. Margate taxpayers need to stand up and be heard. We are being railroaded. Pushing this matter under the rug.

    This looks like criminal acts being covered up. Our Mayor said absolutely nothing during the entire meeting. Why?

    I think we all know why.

  2. 12 doors?
    18 mail boxes?
    Not willing to inspect the units?
    Who are they trying to fool?

    BS regarding the parking spaces and usage.

    How did Bags pull this one off

    Where sre our city official officials ?
    Hiding and protecting each other, that is where you can find them.

    1. Downbeach Money Grab

      Remember this? Imagine building a FULL SIZE home on a Margate waterfront. Now imagine the lot is about the size of a large driveway, and it’s been deemed ‘un-buildable’.

      This is nothing new for the Margate Planning Board. But this month’s festivities (brutally long, 5+ hour meeting) featured a long-shot move by the esteemed Margate City Solicitor, John Scott Abbott that got shot down.


  3. Walked by a few times today. No cars in the liquor store parking lot.

    Where were all the renter’s cars? I guess they parked on Coolidge Ave!

    Come on Margate. Open your eyes.

  4. Interesting. This Baglivo apartment project still has only temporary CO’s. (certificates of occupancy)

    This info was obtained via OPRA request: all CO’s for project since inception. We received requested documents on April 23, 2024.

    The first CO’s for 6 residential units were issued on 12/11/2023. They expired on 2/9/2024.

    Four items needed to be addressed:

    1. Provide piling vibration report
    2. Provide flood proofing certificate
    3. Provide proof of final elevator inspection approval
    4. Obtain final zoning re-inspection approval.

    The 2nd temporary CO’s for 6 residential apt units were issued on 4/18/2024.

    This was the day of the Margate Commissioners meeting: Thursday, 4/18/2024.

    These temporary CO’s will expire on 6/17/2024.

    These 3 items still need to be addressed:

    1. Provide Flood Proofing Certificate
    2. Provide Proof of Final Elevator Inspection approval
    3. Obtain Final Zoning Re-Inspection approval.

    When I addressed the atty for Baglivo, Mr Goldstein, solicitor Abbott, construction official Galantino, and code enforcement officer McLarnon on 4/18/2024, I brought up the issue of CO’s.

    I asked: if perhaps after the 6 kitchens were ripped out, did Mr. Baglivo (developer) get ‘assumed approvals’? They said no. They re-inspected and took pictures.

    At no time did any of them mention they only have temporary CO’s and had to reissue temporary CO’s several weeks after the first CO’s expired.

    Why would new, temporary CO’s be granted on 4/18/2024, when only one of the items was completed?

    RE-INSPECTION was noted on 12/11/2023. As of 4/18/2024, it’s still not done.

    I hope people of Margate spread the word about this.

    Also, you have to wonder what’s happening with the Sunrise Tequila Bar zoning.

    More of the same? Sure hope not.

    1. The Atlantic County Prosecutors Office needs to launch a formal investigation into this matter.

      Margate City Officials are protecting builder because the builder must have evidence of quid pro quo/pay to play that would turn City Hall upside down.

      Official Misconduct is a 2nd degree felony in the State of NJ.

      Good work Patrick! You are the voice of the disappointed and disenfranchised residents of this City who wanted transparency and honesty from our government.

  5. There needs to be an investigation on this. Who can get the ball rolling, who knows who to reach out to in the system to shine some light on this?

    Let’s get a dog on this bone.

    Reeks of corruption and pay-to-play.

    I think what is most aggravating is that they are just so bold at flouting what is right that it really gives the middle finger to your average citizen who gets all their permits and follows the rules.

  6. It would take just one renter, and maybe the liquor store owner, to say how many total units there are, anything about the parking situation, and maybe allow a tour of their apartment.

    Maybe if they knew their rentals may be sold shortly will encourage them to speak out.

    Here’s a list of who should be contacted:

    Mayor Collins – mcollins@margate-nj.com
    Solicitor Abbott – jsa@jsabbottlaw.com
    Zoning Office Roger McLarnon – mclarnon_roger@margate-nj.com
    Contruction Office Jim Galantino – galantino_jim@margate-nj.com
    Eric Goldstein – Mr. Baglivo’s attorney – egoldstein@ndglegal.com

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