ARCHIVES: When Atlantic City was Home to Miss America

When Atlantic City was Home of Miss America. From the ARCHIVES:

CEO Sam Haskell and COO Josh Randle were the men behind the women of the Miss America Organization.

Both resigned from the organization after ugly accusations surfaced about their interactions with contestants. See SECRETS OF MISS AMERICA.

We visited the MISS AMERICA ORGANIZATION on Aug 29, 2016, inside the Claridge Hotel. Listen to archived interview with CEO Sam Haskell:

Miss America 2005 pageant held on September 18, 2004. It would be the last one televised live on ABC. It was the last one held in Atlantic City for ten years.

Secrets of Miss America

Miss America CEO Sam Haskell (r)

The Miss America 2006 pageant was moved to Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino). It was broadcast live on cable outlets like CMT and TLC.

Miss A returned to network TV with the 2011 competition.

By the 2014 crowning, the Miss America pageant (Sept. 15, 2013) returned to Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

COO Josh Randle (r)

Listen to our archived interview with COO Josh Randle.

Due to better ratings and help from DICK CLARK PRODUCTIONS, on March 24, 2016, the Miss America Organization announced a new deal with ABC TV to continue carrying the pageant for the next three years to the 2019 edition.

Haskell and Randle
Show Us Your Shoes Miss America on AC Boardwalk.

5 thoughts on “ARCHIVES: When Atlantic City was Home to Miss America”

  1. Atlantic City should never have lost the Miss America Pageant.

    They should get it back.

    A very good Atlantic City tradition.

  2. A city, as with any family, must have a good leader / parents, to provide proper guidance, performance, and set examples for the family / City to be successful and prosper.

    Our current leadership know only how to Tax the Working citizens … and… then spend this money with the objective to be re-elected.

    Atlantic City citizens will continue to live in squalor and depend on government programs (entitlements) to exist.

    Look at our streets, full of potholes, loose paper and dark.

    Would you save your money as a tourist to spend in Atlantic City?

    Oh Well…. I’m sure squalor will continue…. which saddens me. Enjoy!

    1. Very good points.

      I was in Atlantic City recently and the city does not look good.

      There are pockets of the city that are nice but; overall, for all the promises of casino gambling, it has failed that city terribly.

      1. The reasons for Atlantic City failure is not that the Casinos have not done their part.

        They have exceeded all expectations with Billions of dollars.

        The fault lies with Atlantic City leadership. They have “0” knowledge of business and know only how to use Governments Power to Tax, Spend and waste.

        Very sad to say this but … just look around.

        Atlantic City was once titled “Playground of the World”

        Sad… Sad…. Sad.

  3. Disney killed the pageant in AC when it bought ABC. It wanted to move the pageant to Disney World and when it couldn’t, ABC cancelled it.

    Boardwalk Hall was never modernized with permanent TV studio facilities so the annual subsidy became too expensive. A lot of other factors added to its decline in AC and society changed.

    Casinos complained about giving rooms.

    All in all, another example of a good attraction to AC that was killed by bad management.

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