Atlantic County Wants Wind Turbine Moratorium

A majority of Atlantic County Commissioners voted YES to a 90 day wind turbine moratorium on Feb 21.

Dead whales and dolphins are washing up on shore at the same time, in same locations, where wind companies use low-frequency pulse shock & sonic tools to survey underwater sea-scape. This causes harm to whales and marine life that rely on sound to navigate, find food, mate and communicate.

Commissioners Karen Fitzpatrick and Ernest Coursey were the only two that voted against this 90 day pause to determine cause of death for these marine mammals.

A packed room watched Commissioner Coursey pick a fight with NJ Sen Vince Polistina in the front row.

Coursey brushed off a few dead whales. Calls moratorium a political stunt. One public commenter confessed she may change political party due to what Coursey and Fitzpatrick said. (watch video)

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