Dangerous Beach Cliffs in Margate. Erosion and Concerns About Summer 2018.

Winter beach walkers in Margate are urged to proceed with caution. Sand cliffs, some as high a 5ft, are forming along the coastline of Margate. Most of this dangerous drop-off is caused by common surf action eating away the recent beach replenishment efforts.

Within months, a majority of the newly pumped beach is washed away. That sand usually ends up downstream where it clogs inlets and back channels. Some of that sand heads towards Wildwood NJ, where it adds to that town’s already massive beach.

Watch VIDEO >  Army Corp of Engineers Explain NJ Faulty Dune Project.

The NJ DEP and Army Corp of Engineers are still working along portions of Margate and Longport, building 13 ft dune down the middle of the beach. This effectively cuts the beach in half in many locations.

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