Downbeach Real Estate Webcast; Mortgage Rates & Appraisals.

DownbeachBUZZ Real Estate Webcast 9.14.23

Current Mortgage Rates for 9.14.23

Downbeach Housing Market

Ventnor, Margate, Longport, NJ.

Sherri Lilienfeld from EXP Realty

Paul Zgalich from Guaranteed Rate

All-cash deals are increasingly common at the shore. Avoids interest rate, but not higher taxes, HOA fees, insurance and other housing maintenance expenses.

Risks associated with appraisals. Offers must make up appraisal gap if needed?

People overpaid for houses. Over asking price. This set tone for values.

Real Estate 101

Mixed-use requirements.

Short Sale vs Foreclosure

Tenant issues. Squatters.

Ejectment. noun


  1. the action or process of evicting a tenant from property.”the landlord shall serve a writ in ejectment

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