Extra-Slow Lamberti’s Rebuild on Amherst Ave in Margate.

NOV 3, 2021

Here’s some new pictures of the Lamberti’s Restaurant construction project on Amherst Ave in Margate. A neighbor shared these pics with DownbeachBUZZ.

Amherst Ave residents that live directly across from the unsightly construction site have witnessed very little build activity.

Recently, a team was seen on site cleaning up the growing mess. Trash was removed and a larger fence was erected to protect against sand and trash being blown onto the street.

Window spaces have been more securely covered. Looks like the new roof is complete as well.

NOV 2021

According to reports, property owner Lamberti was seen on site recently. It’s unknown how much pressure to finish is coming from the City of Margate.

NOTE: There are city ordinances that discourage slow moving or abandoned projects.

Margate Commissioners Discuss Lamberti Issues. JUNE 2019

Amherst neighbors want to know when construction will start again. Many fear the massive, Margate bay-front restaurant project will remain unfinished into the foreseeable future.

NOV 2021.

44 thoughts on “Extra-Slow Lamberti’s Rebuild on Amherst Ave in Margate.”

      1. B..l S..t Tourists COST YOU MONEY and NEVER pay their fair share of what it costs to keep them happy. Why do you think your taxes are so high? Because of all the subsidies you get from the drunks? Yeah…sure.

    1. For someone who goes by Truth, you post endless BS. It’s such a “total tourist town with nothing but crap”… I guess that’s why prices have skyrocketed, homes for sale are selling almost instantly, new home construction is the highest it’s been in years and the taxes for existing properties are mostly stable. That is what is called actual truth.

      1. Skyrocketing housing costs for who? The tourists? For out of towners who couldn’t care less about their neighbors, only what they want…which is tasteless and total crap? Taxes stable? ARE YOU KIDDING?????

        1. Housing prices a high having appreciated due to low supply and huge demand, moron. You couldn’t find a fact in your clueless posts if you fell on one. And you make absurd, broad brushstrokes that lump everyone together. Newsflash: you’re a hateful clown who I’m guessing most full year residents and second homeowners share something in common – disliking you. Who hurt you, Snowflake?

        2. Your ranting and raving about drunk tourists is laughable, when in fact there are significantly more locals and second homeowners overall by far. You’re just too angry to get that.

          1. Who are drunk most if the time, have no taste, let their children run rampant, and are never happy. I’m not a snowbird and not angry…but you go ahead and think what you will, comrade.

          2. And once again , when embarrassed and proven wrong, Truth resorts to a political comment? You’re pathetic. Guess what? Year round residents, second homeowners, tourists, people from Ventnor, Longport and any other random place get drunk and act like fools. And that’s lame. But you keep generalizing to all tourists – because it’s easier for your small brain (and other body parts) to try and rationalize? You need a life.

    2. Even if you want Lamberti’s restaurant to open sooner Bc you can’t wait to eat another bowl of pasta, why are you unhappy?

      It’s not delayed Lambertis opening. You can get a bowl of pasta anywhere. Why so unhappy? How could a delayed opening of a restaurant make anyone UNHAPPY. Explain this to me like you would to Captain Spock. Just facts.

  1. If Margate is concerned about slow movement in construction: I live on 9700 block of Beach Ave. The property at 9719 hasn’t been touched since Hurricane Sandy. It’s been under litigation. It’s a hazard in every way.
    A dangerous site. There have been problems with mice and rats. The walls are falling down. It is a real eyesore. It needs to be torn down until the litigation is figured out. Why is it still there?

  2. Hope they get it finished in time for (summer) season.

    Serviceable food and best ambiance in Margate / sunset views are awesome.

    Homeowners who bought places that aren’t bayfront and complain about their views being blocked are clowns.

    That being said, slow walking construction isn’t cool.

  3. TEAR IT DOWN. IT’S A DISGRACE. Residents that live across the street lost their picture perfect view. How could Margate Council let that happen? $. Is that what it’s all about?

    Make it LAND CONSERVATION: Protecting natural land and returning developed land to it’s natural state.


  4. This is NOT a restaurant. Looks more like Noah’s Ark run aground.

    If you walk down the new boardwalk, there are some very large, unsightly electric meters hung on white boards for boats moored at Lamberti’s Marina. Yet another part of a Bad Deal for Margate.

  5. Corrupt Margate city commissioners lined their pocket with lots of cash. How else can such a eyesore be built?

    One-way on Amherst – stupid idea and the road diet that leads to traffic jams. total incompetence.

    1. Wondering if you have a scintilla of proof to substantiate the very large allegations you’re making ? Go ahead, we’ll wait. Not what you believe, not what you think – evidence. I’m sure we’ll see your name on the next ballot, since you clearly have all of the answers, right?

  6. I don’t think the people on Bayshore ave or Sunset ave that live on the opposite side of the Bayfront homes say that the Bayfront homes block their views. There is a reason the Bayfront homes cost 50% more than the houses right across the street. That being said I believe the “three” are inept and need to be voted out of office, but I also don’t think they are smart enough to be taking bribes and not get caught when folks are on here everyday accusing them of it. They are just bad government.
    (my opinion)

    1. Charlie – great points all around. Being not good at your job, or making bad decisions is a far cry from being on the take.

      1. So let’s consider what appears to be a least a pattern of bad decisions. If they’re not good at their job, why are we allowing them to remain in their positions????

        The only people I know who are allowed to keep their jobs after being right only 50% of the time are weather reporters!!!!

        1. Totally agree Bob, then the year-round residents can and should vote them out! It still doesn’t justify huge baseless allegations stated as facts, which are potentially slanderous, all while hiding behind the cloak of Internet anonymity.

          1. Problem is a very low percentage of year round residents vote. Check out registered voters vs actual turnout. You’ll be amazed.

  7. Another huge building is going up across from Sofia on Amherst! There will be NO water views at all!

    Four level homes with no green space. No more charm and character in this town.

    1. Charm and character don’t pay taxes or for rising costs. Grow up! The newer buildings are typically larger, significantly more expensive and carry with them higher taxes that help to keep taxes under control for existing homeowners. If it’s that troubling, then move. You’ll probably make excellent money on your property.

  8. What are you talking about?NO water views?
    Of course there will be for the property owner who paid for them.
    It’s amazing that anyone thinks that they are entitled to views they don’t own!
    What a joke.

  9. Sally, I have heard nothing about construction across from Sofia’s, are you talking about where the donut shop is? If you are a year round resident and you are paying 5 grand a year in taxes for your 3 bedroom bungalow, you should thank the 2nd home owners for keeping your taxes low while they are paying 4 times that amount. Also people talk about the “charm” of Margate disappearing and fight a mini golf course or the bay water park out one side of their mouths and complain about kids congregating out the other side. If there is nothing for the kids to do then they will find something to do. This is not 1960, progress is going to happen, weather we like it or not. it don’t mean anyone is on the take, Year round residents refuse to acknowledge that Margate is a resort town.
    If you look at O.C. or Sea Isle I would say Margate is well behind in the sky’s the limit housing and building heights. If 2nd home owners could vote, the “three” would have been gone long ago.

  10. It is one thing that residents do not have a bay view anymore; but would anyone
    like looking full view up and down and across at this Lamberti building? I think it is offensive on any street. You should see the view. Houses now should be revalued and taxes lowered.

  11. Dust fence barrier is code, just was not enforced. Clean up probably was mandated. The message from the boarding up windows is not enough money to complete. Now how many more years, months will this go on? This deal as not right from day one. Everyone knows it too.

    1. The message from boarded up windows is just as likely to be supply chain issues given challenges contractors are having with supplies including lumber, flooring, pipes, etc if you’re going to speculating or making claims.

    2. JR,with all due respect a 2′ high piece of aspinite/OSB/Wafer Board is hardly what is required . Atlantic County Soil Conservation District requires a fabric silt fence and Margate requires the Cheap 2′ Barrier , I think code even specifies PLYWOOD whichly 2 builders in town use . . I have yet to see a fabric silt barrier on any project as required . I do agree with you as Margate has no code enforcement officer that will enforce the codes

  12. What’s the status on Lambertis Restaurant completion? Is it still a go?

    Any other takers who would finish and open a new business? I really hope it happens.

    Love ❤️ this town. And yes, I am a second home owner but I want to live here!

  13. Lamberti’s will get finished, it’s in a spot that everyone is drawn to. Sadly, it is a fairly ugly monstrosity, that blocks EVERYONE’S view of a beautiful bay. Add the ugly fence that lines the boardwalk for marina security and the crazy lines on Amherst Ave, now that it is a one way street. Planning in this area was not done for the benefit of the citizens of Margate City, or Longport. This area is Matgate’s main draw. Obviously, the planning commission did not do its homework.

  14. Sandra Greenbaum

    The Lamberti’s project still doesn’t look like it is progressing. Does anyone have any idea of what the extended delay is at this point and when they are expected to open? It really is a shame to leave the unfinished building there on such prime real estate in such an upscale community. If Lamberti’s can’t finish it maybe there is someone out there who could.

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