Fed Taps Brakes on Wind Farms off Atlantic Coast

Fed Taps Brakes on Wind Farms off Atlantic Coast 1 Fed Taps Brakes on Wind Farms off Atlantic Coast

The European companies hoping to grow a forest of wind mills off the Jersey shore, got some bad news this week. Plans for the Nation’s first major offshore wind farm have been delayed.

The wind projects will now need additional environmental impact studies.

The project would be the first of many wind farms getting ready for installation along the east coast. Massachusetts, New York, Maine and New Jersey.

The Green Energy project has attracted strong opposition from both fishermen and coastal communities. Even filmmaker Michael Moore seems to have lost some faith in the so-called ‘green movement’.

Michael Moore Film Project Tackles Green Energy’s ‘False Promises’

From AP News: What if alternative energy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be? That’s the provocative question explored in the documentary “Planet of the Humans,” which is backed and promoted by filmmaker Michael Moore and directed by one of his longtime collaborators. See more.

The filmmakers examine what they believe, are the false promises of the environmental movement and why we’re still “addicted” to fossil fuels. Director Jeff Gibbs, an environmentalist, takes on electric cars, solar panels, windmills and the Sierra Club.

Planet of the Humans director, Gibbs, says that manufacturing wind turbines necessitates use of fossil fuels and huge quantities of resources mined from the earth.

The lifespan of a typical wind turbine is only 20 years, the film says. And making space for wind farms has meant laying waste to large tracts of land, and even, in some cases “mountaintop removal” (not unlike coal mining companies that have blown the top off of mountains in West Virginia to get at the anthracite).

So far, the US has only one offshore wind farm. Near Block Island, off Rhode Island. It went online in 2016.

Not only are the solar panels and wind turbines not going to save us … but there’s this whole dark side of the corporate money … Are these technologies just another profit center?

Lucrative tax credits are a crucial piece of these offshore wind projects.

Time’s running out. Companies may lose 12% Investment Tax Credit.

How will marine life be affected? Will fisheries be harmed? What are the effects on fish migration?
What are fishing industry & military impacts?


All “alternative energy” itself is fossil-fuel-based. None of it could or did exist without fossil fuels. Solar panel themselves are made with metallurgical coal and quartz – both derived from blowing up mountains.

Is “Renewable Energy” our salvation? Or maybe it’s really just a myth… that’s very lucrative for insiders.





2 thoughts on “Fed Taps Brakes on Wind Farms off Atlantic Coast”

  1. So much old information. The latest generation of wind turbines are designed for 40 years. The 5 ACUA wind turbines are rated at 1.5 MW. The latest land based turbines are rated at 3.8-5.3 MW. Oil rig platforms attract fish and the wind turbine platforms are similar. No one form of energy is perfect. Diversity is the key. Land based wind turbines even without the subsidies can compete with oil as costs to build have come way down. 2/3 of all new energy in the US is coming from Renewables. It helps us to not become dependent on foreign oil. Mel, you seem very biased and not in favor of Renewable energy. I respectfully disagree.

  2. Are you sure wind turbines in the ocean are rated for 40 years? What about corrosive batteries? The article I read said visual impact of off-shore wind turbines would be “minimal”. What does that mean? We will only see them a little? That sucks. No one wants to look out to sea and see wind turbines.

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