Hansen House vs City of Ventnor Tax Appeal

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Ventnor Commissioners met on March 25, 2021. One particular item of note was a private, executive session regarding litigation involving Hanson House vs the City of Ventnor. Hanson House is a sober-living organization.

Auction for Ventnor Liquor License.

CITY OF VENTNOR authorized sale & issuance of their 3rd and final liquor license. This is a PLENARY RETAIL CONSUMPTION LICENSE TO SERVE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES VIA PUBLIC SALE.

Ventnor taxpayers charged $790,000 for 2020 ACOE beach replenishment project.

Army Corp & DEP. Ventnor Beach Replenishment completed. Remaining work includes Jackson Ave outfall extension, scupper work and Suffolk Ave ramp replacement.


BEACHFILL: Click to Watch

VENTNOR awards contract for TASER EQUIPMENT for Ventnor
Police Dept. $62,998.67 to Axon Enterprises.

Waves Townhomes lawsuit against Ventnor has been dismissed for improper ‘Notice of Claim’.

Ventnor Boardwalk Inspection March 11th. May be good time to review Boardwalk Maintenance procedures for nail pops, warped boards, etc. especially documenting first reports to Ventnor and repair date and time.

Meeting minutes for recent Ventnor meetings not yet posted.

See more > https://www.ventnorcity.org/meetings

Social Media Comment: Pretty sure that Ventnor School Board doesn’t provide easy, public access to online school board meetings or archived video of regular meetings. Can someone clarify?

8 thoughts on “Hansen House vs City of Ventnor Tax Appeal”

  1. Regarding Hansen Foundation;
    If they are a tax exempt organization, do they pay real estate tax to Ventnor City for the properties they own in Ventnor where their tenants live?
    Thank you

  2. They are asking for tax exempt status to not pay teal estate taxes to Ventnor.
    That means Ventnor could lose thousands and thousands of taxes.
    They have 4 or 5 houses now.
    Do the math.
    There are also 20 pr more known Sober Living Homes in Ventnor.
    Now do the math.
    So more money from your pocket so they can put more money into their pockets.

  3. Why isn’t anything bring mentioned about the Ventnor Board of Education corruption going on within Atlantic City, and the child Pedophile protector Kim Bassford.

  4. I believe that if property values within a 1,000 foot radius of a Sober house causes surrounding property values to decrease or
    requires excessive police enforcement then there should be a formula to compensate these surrounding property owners for this loss of value.

    Yes …Sober House is helping one group of people, but they are hurting another group of families who have worked hard, invested their hard
    earned money to buy property, live in Ventnor and Trusted Ventnor Administrators to protect their quality of life. complicated issue. just a thought.

    1. John I think your comments are valid and should be a priority in the thinking of those who govern Ventnor and are responsible for the quality of life in the community.

      Maxine Greenberg

    2. I totally agree! You are right on point. Why aren’t these Sober Houses in Margate and Longport too? It’s just not right to bring the value of Ventnor homes down. Enough is enough!

  5. Hansen House should not be granted tax exempt status. 20 homes is 19 too many. A city the size of Ventnor cannot afford one more Sober Living home. Think of all the homeowners who pay property taxes before grating tax exemption status to Hansen House.

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