Jessie 'O' Fishing & Sightseeing Cruises in Margate


After we inhaled a Kobe burger from Steve & Cookies, it was just a short walk up Amherst Ave to the world-famous Jessie ‘O’ boating fleet. This is where we were greeted by none other than ‘Jessie’ herself. (who by the way, is a new momma) As we approached the ‘Jessie II’, we looked up to see Captain Jay waving us on board. The ocean-friendly vessel was filled with 40 happy sight-seers ready for a :45 cruise along the back bays of beautiful Margate.

Click to see pics. We’re coming back next week for a half day trip on the original Jessie O……a fun & smooth pontoon boat.

  • 9317 Amherst Ave,┬áMargate City, New Jersey 08402
Phone (609) 412-3635
Email [email protected]

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