Lamberti’s Deal To Build New Bulkhead and Restaurant Along Margate Bayfront

Lamberti's in Margate Bulkhead
Lamberti’s in Margate

Margate plans to “vacate” the Amherst Ave. property it leases to owners of the Lamberti restaurant.

Part of the deal: replacement of 588 feet of the failing Amherst Avenue bulkhead.

Margate Commissioners say Mr. Lamberti plans to sign an agreement with the city. A public hearing on this issue will be 4p. Thurs, Nov. 15.

Lamberti’s in Margate is located on the bay at 9707 Amherst Ave. Lamberti currently has 18 years remaining on his $500-per-year lease with the city.

Lamberti’s Deal To Build New Bulkhead and Restaurant Along Margate Bayfront

As part of that lease, Lamberti must maintain the bulkhead adjacent to his restaurant.

The new deal could force Lamberti to replace an additional 357 ft of bulkhead that’s been collapsing for well over a year.

Lamberti plans to rebuild his bar/eatery, once the bulkhead is rebuilt.

Some in Margate are NOT happy with deals like these. ‘Feels like Margate is handing over taxpayer land in order to reduce expenses….that the City can actually afford to pay.’

Margate Solicitor Abbott claims it’s too expensive for the city to replace the bulkhead.

NOTE: Margate bayfront property owners are required to bring bulkheads into compliance when doing redevelopment work. Property owners should bring their bulkheads up to state mandated 9ft elevation, as per code.

Other Margate bayfront developers (Integrity Marine and Capt. Andy’s Marina) have already replaced their bulkhead, from 7ft to 8ft. These developments have been caught up in litigation.

Amherst Ave residents not happy. The Harbor Vista condominiums fear losing public parking and bayfront views.

Vacating the land would provide Lamberti with full ownership of 30- by 231-foot strip of land under the restaurant along with the new bulkhead, which will be built 2-feet into the water. He will be required to maintain the bulkhead in perpetuity.

The potential agreement could include requirement that Lamberti provides 24 parking spaces at his lot on Monroe Ave.

Lamberti will be required to pay annual taxes on the assessed value of the new property.

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