Longport Passes Ordinance and Enacts Smoking Ban

The LONGPORT Board of Commissioners have approved an ordinance that bans smoking at all Longport buildings, parks, playgrounds….and the beach.

No smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes and those electronic VAPING cigarettes too.

Get caught lighting up in a prohibited Longport location, and face a fine for up to $250. Get caught a second time, it’ll set you back $500. You’ll get whacked for $1,000 for each subsequent smoking offense.

Secondhand smoke and cigarette butts were the main culprits for this Longport ban.

Some think the beach is a giant ashtray? Marine life is affected by cigarette butts as well.

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2 thoughts on “Longport Passes Ordinance and Enacts Smoking Ban”

  1. But your dog can poop and pee all they want on the beach and that’s not a threat to the well-being of our children, the beach, or our environment. The people running Longport are nuts.

  2. I live in Del Mar, California. We ban smoking in public (get a $500 ticket) yet have Dog Beach. It works out PERFECTLY since dogs are much cleaner than most people! No complaints here!

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