Margate Boardwalk Committee Officially Announced

Margate Boardwalk Committee Glenn Klotz
Margate Boardwalk Committee

Downbeach citizens banding together. Last week, the Margate Homeowners Association officially launched. And now, just a week later…the Margate Boardwalk Committee (MBC) has been announced.

MBC’s sole purpose: Promote the benefits of building a new Margate Boardwalk. ASAP.

Five Margate Boardwalk Committee members have been announced.

The committee consists of Glenn Klotz, Steve Davidson, Charlene Polakoff, Ellen Lichtenstein and Stefanie Bloch.

The Margate Boardwalk Committee will be organizing public, as well as private events and meetings.

MBC will also be producing and presenting promotional and educational materials, all related to the proposed Boardwalk project.

Got a question or comment? Contact Glenn Klotz or Steve Davidson.

Why a Margate Boardwalk? Some key reasons:

  • Easier, ADA compliant access to beach & surf.
  • Mitigate negative affects of poorly executed dune project.
  • Provide for town ‘open space’ and public gathering area.
  • Potentially boost Real Estate values.
  • Re-connect with Absecon Island Boardwalk system

How could a Margate Boardwalk be paid for?

  • Grants & other State / Federal monies
  • Long-term bonding
  • Tapping new ratables
  • Re-allocation of current funds
  • Private donations
  • ‘Sponsor a section’


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