Margate City Wide Dredging Update

After years of preparation, Margate is ready to apply for a city wide dredging permit from the NJ DEP, Department of Environmental Protection.

Dredging should improve safety for boaters navigating back bay waters. Some Amherst businesses had to limit operations during low tide. ex: boat slips, water park, etc.

Listen to Margate Commissioners Discuss Dredging Plans.

Sept 1, 2022

City Engineer: There will be more public outreach on this. We’re going to obtain a permit to dredge throughout the city. The permit will also encompass privately owned slips. 

If / when application is approved, homeowners will be able to dredge their boat slips and canals without having to apply for their own dredging permit.

Margate homeowners with riparian rights will be able to dredge under their slips using the city permit. This saves money for owners.

Pic: Ron T. Brown.

Once the permit is approved, they could hire their own contractor to do their own dredging, under our (city) permit. It’s been done in other municipalities this way.

Over the years, the waters have clogged up with silt, most noticeable during low tide.

Margate Finance Commissioner Blumberg to explain how public dredging will be paid for.

Shelter Island is where the spoils could be dumped. This parcel of wetland is jointly owned by both Margate and Ventnor.

6 thoughts on “Margate City Wide Dredging Update”

  1. Egyptian monuments didn’t have multiple levels of government and the need for all kinds of review and approvals. They also has one single source of funding and slave labor to rely on. I think your caps lock is stuck.

  2. Kevin C. Martin

    I would like to know exactly what the city will dredge and what I would be responsible for. I am aware I will have to do my slip, but I am not on a canal, but open water that goes down to mud at low tide (see picture above). Will the city dredge a channel around our houses that we can ‘tie’ into?

    1. It sounds like the dredging has finally gotten some steam. I know our Margate commissioners are working through the bureaucracy and have made significant progress. So it seems like is not if but when. I would like to know what the city will dredge and what I will have to plan for. The picture above is actually my dock at low tide. So, what is the scope and plan for what will be dredged? Is there someone I can ask? Perhaps Commissioner Blumberg? Can anyone advise?

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