Margate Employee Salary Chart, Controversial Longevity Pay Still Popular.

margate longevity pay maury blumberg
Amodeo, Becker, Blumberg

Margate Commissioners recently awarded 15 municipal employees with new, 3 year contracts complete with annual 3% pay increases.

In addition to salaries, most Margate employee contracts include premium healthcare, vacation and sick time, along with the controversial, longevity pay.

  • Fire Chief Adams: $169,000 plus $15,000 in longevity pay.
  • Police Chief Matt Hankinson: $169,000 plus $15,000 in longevity pay.
  • Deputy Fire Chief Pat Armstrong: $152,000 plus $15,000 in longevity pay.
  • Capt. Ronald Kashon: $152,000 plus $15,000 in longevity pay.
Margate City Employee Salaries 2023
  • Asst Superintendent James Dickerson: $141,000 w/ $16,000 in longevity pay.
  • Asst Superintendent Patrick Power: $139,000 w/ $10,000 in longevity pay.
  • Office Supervisor Robert Gilmore: $99,000 w/ $10,000 in longevity pay.
  • Construction Official James Galantino: $135,000 w/ $15,000 in longevity pay.
  • Technical Assistant Palma Shiles: $78,000.
  • Zoning Officer Roger McLarnon: $135,000 w/ $5,000 in longevity pay.
  • Court Admin Maureen Larkin: $110,000 w/ $15,000 in longevity pay.
  • Deputy Court Admin Deanna Krupp: $80,000 w/ $5,000 in longevity pay.
  • Tax Collector Tara Mazza: $107,000 w/ $10,000 in longevity pay.
  • Rec Director Andrew Miles: $107,000 w/ $10,000 in longevity pay.
  • Personal Assistant to (?) Kelle Amodeo: $70,000.
Maury Blumberg Margate New Jersey

Maury Blumberg

Margate Director of Revenue & Finance

Annual Salary $29,621

“Longevity payments are nothing but bonuses that float under the radar,” says Kevin Walshacting NJ State Comptroller and Govt watchdog.

These are the types of excessive benefits unheard of for state employees or private sector workers. Government transparency and accountability is diminished when taxpayers fund what are essentially yearly bonuses that are all but untraceable to taxpayers.

Kevin Walsh
Meet Kevin Walsh, NJ Government Watchdog

As Acting State Comptroller, Kevin D. Walsh leads the day-to-day operations of an office that audits and reviews government programs and operations, investigates misconduct by government employees and officials, scrutinizes the legality of public contracts and recovers improperly expended Medicaid funds.

As New Jersey’s watchdog, Kevin leads the Office of the State Comptroller to advance accountability and transparency across government and to advocate on behalf of taxpayers.

To report government fraud, waste or abuse, file an anonymous complaint with OSC online.

You can also call 1-855-OSC-TIPS (1-855-672-8477) or email

In other Margate financial news, a new ordinance was introduced requiring business owners and rental property owners to have a minimum of $500,000 in liability insurance. Owner-occupied properties with four or fewer units are required to carry at least $300,000 in liability coverage.


3 thoughts on “Margate Employee Salary Chart, Controversial Longevity Pay Still Popular.”

  1. For some reason there is a worker shortage in all types of professions, more and more government agencies including law enforcement have had to resort to hiring bonuses to attract new talent. Longevity pay is compensation that ensures you don’t lose talented people. Welcome to the post Covid world.

  2. Longevity pay doesn’t exist for first responders or healthcare professionals so why do government employees need it – their salaries are already outrageous

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