Margate Looks to Reduce Worksite Contaminants

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If builders were smart, they would promote environmentally friendly and sustainable work practices like many other types of businesses do. That’s according to Downbeach Realtor, Sherri Lilienfeld.

Nobody likes to change the way they’re doing things, not even contractors.

But I would argue that it takes less time and costs less by implementing simple changes.

Neighbors will appreciate your efforts too.

Is this expensive? No.

Estimated costs for “Contaminant Containment Kit” every contractor should have.

  • Pop-up tent enclosure 10’x12′ – $150
  • Large Tarp 14′ x 20′ – $20
  • Medium Tarp 10′ x 12″ – $10
  • Small Tarp 6′ x 10′ – $6
  • Vacuum attachments, saw muzzles – $12 to $75
  • Masks – $25 for 20
  • Broom/Dustpan – $25
  • Temporary plywood fencing around work site

So, a basic kit is between $250 and $311, not including the fencing they already need with new construction.

Cleaning up the floor of a 10’x12′ enclosure and emptying a vacuum attachment would take a few minutes a day.

These simple steps would take much less time and would be more effective then cleaning up microplastics and other debris from the ground, air and streets.

Neighbors appreciate stuff like this.

Contact ‘Sustainable Sherri’ Lilienfeld of EXP Realty.

Sherri Lilienfeld Cell: (609) 287-1795 

RealtySherri @ gmail .com

8 thoughts on “Margate Looks to Reduce Worksite Contaminants”

  1. This article states that fencing is already needed for new construction, but is this accurate? My neighbor demolished 95% of their house and they didn’t have a fence or a mesh screening to prevent their construction debris from landing on my property and in my pool.

  2. builders could put wood pieces large enough for others to use in a pile . would be less trash & help others!

    also, houses just get torn down. many have good windows, doors, cupboards that charity that builds/repairs houses could use(Habitat for humanity which i called years ago but got no response)

  3. Has anyone contacted OSHA , Occupational Safety and Health Administration? It would seem that the contractor would be subject to the Administrations rules and regulations which should already exist to cover this problem. They would be held responsible under penalty of fines.

  4. Sustainable Sherry – Please explain what any of these items would do on a construction site:

    Pop-up tent enclosure 10’x12′
    Large Tarp 14′ x 20′
    Medium Tarp 10′ x 12″
    Small Tarp 6′ x 10′
    Vacuum attachments, saw muzzles

    1. Pop-up tent, when enclosed space, such as a garage is not available – keep contaminants contained.

      Tarps for the ground so contaminants can easily be swept at the end of the day, instead of trying to clean them out of soil and grass.

      Vacuum attachments, to catch contaminants for easy disposal.

      Masks to protect workers from breathing contaminants.

      Broom and dustpan to sweep up contaminants on the ground/tarp of floor, of your contained space.

      If you have other ideas for containing these particles from getting all over, we are open to suggestions. These were merely ideas. And the industry terminology is “Source Containment” which is what we are seeking. It’s a lot easier to just keep the pollutants out of the air, water, and soil, then to clean it up afterwards. Nearly impossible to remove once in our ocean and bay.

  5. The entire summer my family and I had cough and respiratory problems. I finally made an appointment w a pulmonologist, after chest xray and albuterol prescription.
    His first question after testing was, “Is there any construction going on in your neighborhood?” I’m totally convinced it’s construction contaminants in the air with artificial wood, etc. CONTAIN IT FOR ALL OF US

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