Margate OK’s Amherst One-Way, Loss of Hometown Feel? Longport Not Happy.

Longport Margate Amherst Ave.

Margate Commissioners voted to OK an ordinance changing Amherst Ave from a two-way street to a one-way street. Amherst traffic between Washington & Coolidge will soon move toward Longport.

Longport not happy with Mayor Becker of Margate. Local residents in both Downbeach towns also voicing displeasure.

During public comment, Margate resident Amy Reale said changes in Margate are coming too fast. LISTEN >

Margate Public Comment AMHERST 4.15.21

Wooden promenade angled parking and bike lanes. The work should be done by Memorial Day.

Longport might block traffic from Margate, forcing cars onto Coolidge Ave.

Margate losing its hometown feel and turning into a resort destination?

Becker provided no update on the current status of Lamberti’s new, extra-large restaurant.

Margate Commissioner Amodeo: Nothing’s etched in stone, and if we need to make changes, that will happen.

27 thoughts on “Margate OK’s Amherst One-Way, Loss of Hometown Feel? Longport Not Happy.”

  1. I’d imagine Longport’s officials probably want all those drunken drivers heading for the Longport bridge for the fines. The residents not so much and Margate’s residents are happy to get rid of them. Personally, I live on the other end of Margate and it’s not going to effect me much one way or another because 99% of the drivers exiting the Bar /Restaurant zone don’t come through my neighborhood anyway. We’ll see soon enough how this new arrangement works out.

    1. I live in Fredericksburg Ave in Margate which is a narrow TWO WAY street. Cars rush from one end to another to try to make the green traffic light or make a pizza delivery. It is a main thoroughfare for walkers, joggers and bikers to access the boardwalk in Ventnor and is unsafe for children at play. I have witnessed people crossing the street looking one way not realizing cars come from both directions. How does this make sense? Why not consider making this ONE WAY as well ?
      Thank you !

  2. One thing is for sure, drunk drivers will never get a ticket in Margate since they don’t believe in giving tickets for any reason. God forbid give a speeding ticket, someone may not get to Tomatoes in time for dinner!

  3. Have we lost sight of the the fact that traffic on Amherst Avenue can already travel west into Longport from Margate and has done so since the creation of Amherst Avenue? Longport is going to block access from Margate? Are you kidding me? Talk about “entitled” thinking. Can’t wait to see what NJ Department of Transportation has to say about that.

      1. Unfortunately “Anonymous”, you and Todd are both misinformed. Municipalties must conform to DOT standards for traffic/pedestrian safety. And I don’t believe that blocking access to an already established roadway for the purpose of keeping traffic out (or should I say punishment) is an approved DOT standard.

    1. Really, I live in Longport and why should we have all the traffic dumped into our neighborhood from the “new” boardwalk, gift stores, restaurants, water park etc. into our town. TMargate should have to take care of the problems that will be created by all the brilliant ideas of the Margate planners.

  4. Why is Margate allowing this lovely area to be so overbuilt? They have utter disregard for the residential area.

    The City seemed to want to unload themselves from the City obligations to maintain bulkheads in exchange for a giveaway of City land.

    Other towns all maintain their own bulkheads, so this is a real eyebrow raiser. My understanding is they pretty much “gave” the City owned property (where Lamberti’s sits) in exchange for maintaining the bulk head.

    Did they also give away the Margate Citizen’s rights to the PUBLIC ACCESS that property enjoyed for multiple decades (meaning the Public has the right to access the water/docks there).

    Not sure they even had the legal right to do that? Does anyone know?

  5. We live on Coolidge near Amherst and now drivers will either be turning left or right onto our street which will mean more traffic and speeding which will cause accidents.
    What were the idiots thinking when they decided to even contemplate this?
    Our town is becoming more like the Wild West having the 3 amigos do whatever they please.

  6. Whomever wrote “they were not thinking. They do not live on Amherst or coolidge. It is just about power and money” I agree with.

  7. All this uninformed whining is making me laugh. The city fathers are to be commended for taking action. Making it one way is a no brainer that will make Amherst ave safer and more accessible.

    Same type of people screaming that the water park would be a disaster. They can’t help but bitch.

    1. Local, do you agree with the sell out of the bulkhead for NOAH’S ARK too? The bulkhead should have been their responsibility. Homes effected by this atrocity have no view and possible declining home value. Will Margate reassess? Lower property taxes? I think not. It is not on their street. Maybe the home owners should look into some type of legal action.

  8. I have no problem with Amherst.. Water park and miniture golf was not necessary. Starting to look like Ocean City.

  9. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I personally like the one way but am not happy about the over development and also losing the best sunset views for miles. You declaring all opinions varying from your own as whining like a bitch is just that, you whining like a bitch.

  10. The view belongs to the bayfront property owners. All these homeowners purchased a home in a commercial district near the water for much cheaper than in a residential area.After arriving they want noise reduction and views they didn’t pay for. Same old whining.
    Good luck with that legal action!!

    1. Elvis McPressley

      I don’t own a Bayfront home. I own one between the beach and the bay. The view along the bayfront is a beautiful benefit to all Margate residents, it’s visitors, and our guests. Now we will be left with most of the view gone and obstructed by buildings. This is not whining… it is simply stating a fact. The view will be gone..and that, also in fact, sucks.

    2. Elvis McPressley

      I don’t own a Bayfront home as you assert. I also don’t believe the people that bought a Bayview home are now getting the shaft. I own a home between the beach and the bay. The view along the bayfront is a beautiful benefit and belongs to all Margate residents, it’s visitors, and our guests. Now we will be left with most of the view gone, forever, and obstructed by buildings. That suck.

  11. And how about the houses behind the newer current ones that lost their views? They didn’t buy on the water.

  12. Stop complaining! You people wanted changes in Margate, you got them Margate was just fine the way it was! Margate is a Greatest Shore Towns. You new residents move here and then complain because you don’t like how the City is run. Stop trying to fix what is not broken! Your just going to create mor problems!

    1. I think you owe the English language an apology for the abuse and damage you just caused it. Oh, and for those who just moved here you refer to, they are largely second home owners, they can’t vote… locals like you can. So people can ask for a lot of things, but they can’t cause them to happen without the elected officials making them happen.

  13. The view is NOT “gone”. What the heck are you talking about?? If your gonna rant about something how about doing it without lying?

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