Margate Planning Board to Consider Mini-Golf, Again.

Margate Mini Golf Business
Mini-Golf At This Location?

Will mini-golf return to Margate? We’ll soon find out as Mark Benevento of Sports Development shares his plan to convert an old Margate bank into a 18-hole attraction.

To understand Benevento’s chances, we look back to 2009 where you know what, hit the fan. While the Margate Planning Board liked the idea, including Mayor Becker, hundreds of neighbors pushed back and shot it down. The Margate Food Truck now occupies that corner parcel at Ventnor & Frontenac Aves.

Margate Miniature Golf

Eight years later, Benevento (doing business as Adventure Golf South) is looking to make a Margate mini-golf comeback. The target for the ‘Congo Falls’ 18-hole miniature golf course is another former bank, Cape Bank at 9312 Ventnor Avenue. This former branch now acts as a training center.

Note: In 2016, OceanFirst acquired Cape Bank. Ocean First now has property in both Margate & Ventnor. Might they sell off Margate upon planning board approval and a general thumbs up from commissioners and residents?

Benevento & Adventure Golf South

Mr. Benevento operates an assortment of popular seashore / Boardwalk attractions, like Pirate Island Golf in Ocean City, Sea Isle City and Avalon.

Benevento also served as a director of Cape Bank. In addition, Mr. Benevento is the President and owner of Greate Bay Golf Club in Somers Point.

Not everyone is thrilled by a pirate-ship-themed mini-golf course in the commercial district. Potential parking, traffic, noise, loitering & safety issues are once again being brought up. Nothing new there.

But, many would love an attraction like this in Margate, especially families and kids with too few options. On weekend nights, young adults are forced to hang at Wawa, aka Club Wa.

Oops. Can’t even do that any more.

Downbeach Deli and Casel’s Supermarket supported the idea back then, seeing it as a benefit to families, local stores and restaurants.

Mayor Mike Becker was a Planning Board member back in 2009. He voted YES for the mini-golf course, saying it was an attraction that makes Margate a more complete community.

Margate property owners within 200 ft of this proposed project have been notified of a public hearing concerning this issue. Voice your opinion on December 14, 2017, at 6:30 p.m., 1 South Washington Avenue, Margate, NJ.

Click to enlarge & see plans.

[foogallery id=”42051″]


In compliance with the pertinent provisions of the Margate City Zoning and Land Development Ordinance, and the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Act, N.J.S.A. 40:55D-1 et seq., notice is hereby given that a written application has been filed by the undersigned with the Margate City Planning Board for preliminary and final site plan approval along with “c” variance relief for parking, fence height and freestanding sign and any and all other variances or waivers the Board may reasonably require in the exercise of its discretion, in order to allow the undersigned applicant to construct, establish and maintain an 18-hole miniature golf course on property shown as Lot 85 in Block 127 on the Margate City Tax Map, which property is located at 9312 Ventnor Avenue.

Public hearing on the above mentioned application has been scheduled for December 14, 2017, at 6:30 p.m. in the Court Room at 1 South Washington Avenue, Margate, New Jersey, at which time and place any interested party (as defined in N.J.S.A. 40:55D-4) will have an opportunity to be heard.

This notice is sent to you as an owner of property situated within 200 feet of the property in question.

All documents relating to this application may be inspected by the public during regular business hours Monday through Friday in the Planning and Zoning Office, 9001 Winchester Avenue, at the corner of Winchester and Union Avenues, Margate, New Jersey.

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