Margate Preps For Court Battle Over Amherst Property Damage

Margate Lawsuit. Amherst Ave. John Scott Abbott. Mathis Construction.
Margate Solicitor Abbott

Margate leadership has embraced a self-imposed gag order over litigation involving damaged homes adjacent to Amherst Ave.

Multiple homes were substantially damaged from alleged, improper execution of a street and sewer pipe project that got underway in 2020. Properties suffered cracked foundations and other structural damage. ( see report below )

During the FEB 17 public meeting, Margate Solicitor John Scott Abbott said: I’ve been instructed by our insurance carrier to not discuss or talk to the public. We’re in litigation now. We’re a defendant in that lawsuit. We’re talking about a lot of money.

Litigation with Mathis construction. Recent mediation did not result in a settlement of the various lawsuits. The City of Margate is a defendant along with city hired contractor (Mathis), who won the bid to replace sewer lines along Amherst Ave.

Margate preps for court battle with residents and Mathis Construction over Amherst property damage.

Next phase of Amherst Ave project: Douglas to Gladstone. Contractor is South State Construction. They’ll start this next phase of the project sometime next week. Homeowners are advised to closely monitor construction work.

Resident: When are they going to contact the people whose homes were damaged that don’t have a lawyer? Abbott: I’m sorry. I couldn’t tell you.

Solicitor John Scott Abbott: our counsel assigned by our insurance carrier, the JIF, Joint Insurance Fund, instructed us to not talk about this lawsuit in public. We’re past mediation. We’re going into full discovery. It looks like we’re going to go to trial. We cannot jeopardize our coverage.

Margate residents not represented by a lawyer, want to provide pictures, additional info, equipment used, etc.

Margate Amherst Ave Lawsuit MATHIS
Abbott, Becker, Amodeo, Blumberg, Dennis.

Solicitor Abbott continues to encourage affected residents to pursue this through their own insurance carriers. Most homeowners not taking that advice.

Amherst Resident: My insurance company will not handle the claim. Damages were done by Mathis. My rates would go up if they lose in court.

According to Margate City Engineer Ed Dennis of Remington & Vernick: In reference to Amherst Ave phase one, we did send off the punch list and paving deficiencies to Mathis Construction. We did assess penalties against their most recent payment application. Waiting on them to provide us with a plan and schedule for remediation of the pavement.



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