Motorized Bikes on Ventnor Boardwalk Pose Pedestrian Safety Issues

Motorized bicycles and vehicles are prohibited on the Ventnor Boardwalk. That includes skateboards.

Electric wheel chairs and low-speed medical scooters ok. We’re not sure about motorized pedal-assist bikes, even though they’re very popular on the boardwalk.

153-4 Use prohibited on Boardwalk. [Amended 6-4-1979 by Ord. No. 7904] The operation and use of motorized bicycles shall be prohibited on the Boardwalk.

  • Bicycles welcome on boardwalk daily during daylight hours til June 1.
  • Starting June 1, bikes limited from 6a til noon on Sat and Sun.
  • Bikes on Ventnor Boardwalk OK during daylight hours, Mon thru Fri.

It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or use in any manner a skateboard on the Boardwalk, the Boardwalk ramps or on any City-owned park located on the beach blocks or at the beach front in Ventnor City. [Amended 6-10-1999 by Ord. No. 9912]

See Ventnor Ordinance here.

JR: Bike rules need to be enforced. Motor bikes fly on the boards daily.

VRD: People are scared of bikers who ride too fast.

DA: Ride my coaster bike daily on boardwalk all year. The biggest threat to the safety of pedestrians is motorized bikes. This really needs to be enforced.

MM: There are motorized Hover boards, motorized scooters and other odd motorized ‘vehicles’. Those with a handicap need exemptions and that too, needs specific guidelines. In general, if not enforced, none of this will come to fruition. I know different folks feel differently about these things. I hope it all works out.🙏

TS: I’m sure no one would ban a motorized wheelchair or handicap conveyance. But bikes, scooters, etc., which can reach speeds of 25 mph are a present danger to pedestrians in a narrow space. And so are all the clods who bike and treat the boardwalk as the Tour de France.

IH: Please do something to stop the bikers on the Boardwalk who think they’re Lance Armstrong on steroids and feel the need to ride their bikes at extremely high speeds, while people are walking especially with so many little kids around.

18 thoughts on “Motorized Bikes on Ventnor Boardwalk Pose Pedestrian Safety Issues”

    1. Police need to do the job no warnings just ticket electric bikers for violations ! Large signs need to be posted at each access entrance to boardwalk! No Electric Bikes they are going way to fast belongs on street! Young children and adults can get seriously injured!

    2. Right!!#
      If it has a BATTERY, OR some type of MOTOR IT BELONGS ON THE STREET!!!.. END OF STORY

      & Must wear a helmet!!!

    1. One can peddle a bike at 15+mph or more. Too fast for the boardwalk. One can peddle a bike at 10 mph. or less without a motor or with a pedal assisted electric motor bike. SPEED IS THE KEY SAFETY ISSUE. Establish an acceptable speed for all bikes, foot powered or electric powered and enforce the speed limit. This issue is not hard to solve. Just good common sense is all it takes. Jerry Corrigan

      1. Establish speeds ! What a joke who is going to Enforce it and who going to collect! Plenty of weekend worriers and visitors!
        Next we should allow golf carts!

  1. Electric Bike have no place on the boardwalk! Everyone including the rider is at risk of injury! They are traveling at a fast speed some cases out of control!
    Sadly it will take serious injuries until it’s enforced!
    Ventnor Police need to enforce rules and post signs say Electric Bikes Not Permitted! Signs need to be extremely visible at each access point to boardwalk! There are signs with a list of rules that are not followed!

    Please Keep our boardwalk safe!

  2. Why not consider enforcing a speed limit vs. excluding certain bikes? That is the actual issue! I love to ride on the boardwalk when it is not crowded. And I need a pedal assist bike or I am unable to ride due to medical issues.

  3. Rules are meaningless unless enforced (tickets, impound, jail if multiple violations). The impound should occur during the first violation with a substantial cash fine for release. If possible points against driving record.

  4. Only ones that can fix the dangers of electric bikes and ensure the safety of walkers are Ventnor Police! Let them enforce the code!

  5. I could not agree more with above. I am an avid biker, full time resident, and I avoid the boardwalk because I feel it is not safe for the walkers or for me. Kids wander from their parents, alot of people do not look to see if a bike is coming, and it would be safer to restrict us off the boards. In return I would ask that the bike lanes be for bikes not pedestrians, baby carriages (and yes I have young grandchildren), joggers, and any other non bike related people.

    As far as those with handicaps they of course have to be accomodated.


  6. Offenders are the motorized vehicles of all types, scooters, skateboards and of course, bikes. Their fast speed lend them to uncontrolled disasters colliding with unknowing pedestrians.

    Typical pedal bikes during defined times coexist safely with walkers and joggers.

    Maybe extending the bike hours on the weekends would dilute the number of early bikers and allow for fewer wheeled vehicles during the prime hours.

  7. I use my E-bike and pedal it more than I use the electric power used to assist me only. I think we need to consider a middle of the road accommodation.

    There are regular bicycles on the boardwalk that go faster than any electric bike I’ve seen. We should establish strict guidelines and enforce them.

    1. Dennis
      If you feel so compelled to ride E bike no limitation on the streets simply a little potential intimidation from fast trucks & cars … FYI walkers joggers little kids feel same way about E bikes on Boardwalk!! They create unnecessary danger! I m not lawyers god for bid some one get hurts City of Ventnor may be held accountable for Non Enforcement!

  8. E-bike accidents are generally worse than those with regular bikes. It’s not the speed—it’s the weight! E-bikes weigh 38-70 pounds compared with 20 for a standard. That makes them inappropriate for a pedestrian walkway such as the Boardwalk.

  9. To allow motorized wheels on the boardwalk amongst
    walking pedestrians is for the city to take on a great
    risk of being sued when an accident occurs….!!!
    You can’t mix oil & water ….!!!
    enjoy …!!!

    1. It is possible for Ventnor Police share how rules are going to be enforced and implementation of proper safety protocol! This is extremely serious situation with potential real dangers to all!

      1. Totally agree and there is a bigger context too. For both Ventnor and Margate there is the issue of teens at night, the beach, loitering and their actions… there isn’t a lot of police presence or enforcement on that either. How does law enforcement handle (and fund seasonal staffing needs to address everything…

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