New Downbeach Traffic Patterns with Plenty of Street Paint in Margate

New road diets and updated traffic patterns in Margate. How does this affect Ventnor and Longport?

Lot’s of new street paint every where in Margate. Amherst Ave along the bay is now one-way.

Watch the DownbeachBUZZ webcast from May 27, 2021, featuring Sherri Lilienfeld from Apex Prime Realty.

5 thoughts on “New Downbeach Traffic Patterns with Plenty of Street Paint in Margate”

  1. The intended street improvements at the Little Rock &
    Atlantic Ave area’s has already created traffic hazards &
    removed PARKING …!!!!
    Who is steering the ship …!!!
    enjoy …!!!

    1. Thanks John Olive. The exaggerationand childish repeated use of exclamation points was the giveaway. Enjoy.

  2. I have to say I used the new bike paths today n felt safer then ever before. Of course when you hit ventnor you feel less safe going back to 2 lanes. When I drove it all was good until i hit ventnor n the 7 middle fingers I received as the cars sped by because I did the speed limit. Hope Ventnor pd takes note. Let’s keep everyone safe crossing Atlantic. Could use some new cross paint at Dorset n ventnor ave since there was that major car accident last month.

  3. I am sure the boardwalk on Amherst, when completed, will look beautiful and will give a nice place to appreciate the beautiful sunsets, but the one-way road change on Amherst for those few blocks makes no sense to me! A wide bike lane was added right behind where cars are backing out! There is no bike lane before or after this section on Amherst! Are bicyclists supposed to go back and forth on this section? I ride my bicycle often in Margate, but I would not feel safe riding here. It seems there would have been enough space for the boardwalk and to keep the two-way traffic lanes.

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