VIDEO > New Margate and Ventnor Stormwater Pump Station to Assist Drainage

Margate and Ventnor enjoy some of the cleanest beaches and water. It’s about to get even cleaner thanks to a new storm-water pump station being installed. WATCH VIDEO.

An estimated 60 percent of water pollutants can be attributed to stormwater runoff. This can affect drinking water, wildlife habitat, beaches, fish and other serious environmental and public assets. This new pump station could help in that situation.

Ventnor Mayor; Mike Bagnell, says it won’t protect against a ‘Sandy’ type event, but it will reduce a substantial portion of storm water flooding from heavy rains in parts of Margate and Ventnor.

Replacement of Ventnor Gardens Plaza stormwater pump station underway.

This project will take approx 2 months to complete, and should be completed by the end of summer.


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