No ‘Great Day in Atlantic City’ Warns Hard Rock Chairman

Chairman Allen & Mayor Small.

It’s been 45 years since the first casino opened in Atlantic City. After 4 1/2 decades, is Atlantic City better off? Are things getting better or worse?

Resorts International was the first legal US casino outside of Nevada that opened on May 26, 1978. Resorts was a monopoly for most of those years… this side of the Mississippi.

Casinos were supposed to breathe life into a tired city once known as America’s Playground.

Jim Allen, Chairman of Hard Rock is not so optimistic about Atlantic City’s gaming future. Allen said as much during a recent industry conference.

If we lose 20 to 30% of our business, it’s not going to be a great day for Atlantic City.

Jim Allen, Hard Rock Chairman

Allen’s sobering comments are contrary to those supported by Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small.

Allen suggests casino revenue numbers reported by NJ State are deceiving. Internet gaming and sports betting revenue are included in those monthly numbers. Most of that money stays with third-party companies that operate those digital gaming platforms.

Read more at CDC Gaming.

Allen not shy about discussing Atlantic City’s issues.

Atlantic City receives 20, 30-plus percent of its revenue from upstate New Jersey and downstate New York, and there’s no doubt it is going to have an impact on this particular market.

Jim Allen, Hard Rock

The CEO of Resorts, Mark Giannantonio, predicted that New York City casinos would take almost 40% of Atlantic City’s revenue. If Giannantonio is right, the weakest casinos could be forced out of business. Read More.

Brief Timeline:

JUNE 2017

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Listen to interview with developer Jeffrey Gural from Sept. 2016.

Jeffrey Gural runs Meadowlands Racetrack where a Hard Rock casino could be built.

Brick n mortar gambling: has been going backwards or flat, depending on the property, since last May.

New Casinos in New York & North Jersey will Impact Atlantic City

Chris Brown Jeff Gural Casino Atlantic City

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10 thoughts on “No ‘Great Day in Atlantic City’ Warns Hard Rock Chairman”

  1. Problem is Elected Officials focus on PERSONAL GAIN.Not what’s good for City of Atlantic City.

    Eventually… their personal greed will bring the city back to pre 1978.

    Look at the potholes on ALL streets. especially Atlantic Ave. Look at highly visible dilapidated properties on Atlantic and Pacific Ave.

    Look how dark the streets are. look at the Risk one takes to walk in areas off the Boardwalk.

    Yes …. these officials will continue to get there Pensions and Perks … long after they leave office…. but citizens will be left to continue paying taxes etc… and live in squalor.

    There have been Three or Four Million Dollar studies since 1978. Those who wrote on paper got paid. Implementation is non existent.

    1. Disgusted resident

      Marty Small is an idiot. He thinks the city is perfect. Will deny that it is filthy and employees do not need to do the work they are paid for. Street cleaners ride around but don’t pick up the trash. Parking enforcement officers ride down the streets without checking the cars. None of the codes are enforced; properties are allowed to be filthy and in disrepair. The schools are terrible and the cost per child is outrageous. The streets are like a 3rd world country. The city will never be first class as long as he is mayor. He has to go.

  2. The problem is that the city’s answer to its real issues is a multi-billion dollar complex that caters to luxury living and auto racing enthusiasts, not jobs, affordable housing and education.

    Yapping about potholes and street lights is laughable, even for you John.

  3. stop worrying about somewhere else that you have no control over … these are industry execs were the ones who squandered the 10 year head start Atlantic City was given and pocketed their profits instead of rebuilding … bad business people doesn’t get to tell anyone how things should go.

  4. This mans so right the homeless drug addicted zombies walking the Boardwalk and Atlantic Ave is so bad. No cops walking the beat. And now Marijuana legal but where can they smoke ? They do it everywhere. If this town wants to be America’s playground again they have a lot of mess to clean up.

  5. he’s right- it’s ashame– ocean, beach, boardwalk, driving distance to Phila, NJ & NY…it’s all there, terrific potential that’s being absolutely wasted, and it’s been for years. You can bring in all the fancy hotels & casinos, but everyone pulls into the garage and won’t leave the building— hurts the casinos, hotels & local businesses!!- what a waste.
    Walk in from the boardwalk & you want to shower just to get the disgust off of you.

  6. Atlantic City is truly disgusting and dangerous. It appears that this city by the sea has become a dumping ground for the mentally disturbed and drug addicted people who need real help. I know our country is better than this but the federal government would rather send billions to other countries. Why not help our people for a change.

    1. Federal money can be pissed away in our country and cities just like it is in other countries but at least it’s being spent on Americans.
      American taxpayers should be able to vote on where our money is spent. I know the system but I don’t have to like it!

  7. Atlantic City is a sh*thole, plain and simple! Its worse than ever. Reminds me of Times Square 40 years ago. Only thing missing is peep shows.

    I really used to love the beach. Many times took my family for 5 days, jumping from one comp room to another. Now? The boardwalk denizens have taken over. Crackheads on one side, and homeless on the other.

    After dark, I don’t dare take a stroll. I run to the casino next to where I’m staying only. The only casino I dare to stay in.. is Ocean.

    With the Water Park opening soon, to be over run by less than desirable groups, it won’t be so quiet or safe on the north end much longer.

    I’ve found much better options (which are a lot closer to me)

    Springfield MGM is an easy 1 hour and 45 minutes away. In a nice area with lots of nice restaurants SAFELY WALKABLE after dark.

    Mohegan and Foxwoods though crowded, still better than riff raff Atlantic City.

    When they get full casinos in NY….. AC is done

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