Spending Taxpayer Money Like a Drunken Sailor

Jerry Klause. Pic: Cape May County Herald

As a Margate, Ventnor or Longport homeowner, are you confident that elected leaders are spending your money wisely? The following should encourage you to join or form…. a local taxpayers association. Especially if you can’t vote in the shore town you pay taxes in.

Take a look at the great work of FIT, Fairness in Taxes. FIT is an Ocean City taxpayers association.

The attached story deals with the controversial Klause property purchase in Ocean City.

The watchdog group Fairness in Taxes (FIT) helped scuttle the city’s plans to OVERPAY for the purchase of a former car dealership at 16th Street and Simpson Avenue.

Mayor Gillian and Ocean City Council members spending money like a drunken sailor.

OC Mayor Gillian was ready to take taxpayer funds, and pay the KLAUSE Brothers, $9 million for their former car lot. FIT got the appraised value down to a more reasonable, $6.5 million.

FIT successfully petitioned last year… and stopped the real estate transaction due to excessive costs.

FIT distributed emails between property owner Jerry Klause and Ocean City attorney Dorothy McCrosson. FIT argues that they show a too-cozy relationship between the city and the seller.

Fairness in Taxes was able to get more for less … FIT saved Ocean City taxpayers $2.5 million dollars. They were able to help acquire more land and the demolition of the building on the site… which was not part of the original proposal.

This is a win for FIT. A huge victory for Ocean City taxpayers. It demonstrates you can fight City Hall… and win.



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  1. Folks, this is nothing new. The 3 Amigos in Margate are beyond corrupt! What comes around go around, it will catch up to them, they will get caught, apologize and then retire to Florida. Eyes wide open!

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