Spotlight on Margate Planning & Zoning Board

Margate Planning Board

How important is the Margate Planning and Zoning Board? Do their decisions play a major role in the future of Margate? Turns out, this entity might just be the most critical group of local, decision makers.

Sure, their meetings can often be boring. But every so often, sparks fly. Nothing better than watching applicants request a variance. Looks like lot’s of fun as they butt heads with a cranky Margate Planning Board member.

Making major, critical decisions on the future of Margate. The Planning & Zoning Board is likely more influential than the three Margate Commissioners. Mayor Becker has heavy hand in picking Planning Board members, some who happen to be a relative.

Margate Planning Zoning Board Tom Collins
Collins & Cristaldi.

These meetings can often provide a clue as to the direction of Margate.

Tourism IS NOT Margate’s primary economic driver. It’s Real Estate.

Margate’s #1 industry is Real Estate and related services like hardware & building supplies, construction, mortgages, insurance, concrete, legal, etc.

When you have a finite amount of build-able Margate land, an insatiable demand for more living space, and all those new ratables / tax revenues that it comes with, and a small group of insiders who control things… don’t be surprised when you see aggressive development on every square inch of Margate.

Margate Mayor Michael Becker plays major role in appointing Planning & Zoning Board positions.

Clem Wasleski: Board Member

Board is often accused of pushing McMansions. Builders love it, though. Especially builders & building-suppliers serving on the board.

Major downside: This short-sightedness makes it harder for the average family to live in Margate.

Chris Baylinson is a busy man.

Attorney Chris Baylinson seems to represent just about EVERYONE looking for a blessing from the Margate Planning Board. Baylinson helps clients navigate the many Margate zoning & land use laws.

LISTEN TO AUDIO from recent Margate Planning Board Meeting. Will Margate encourage higher-density housing in order to attract more full-time residents?

Will Margate help home-buyers with down payment assistance and controversial mortgage strategies? LISTEN >

Would Affordable Homes in Margate Attract More Full-time Residents?

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3 thoughts on “Spotlight on Margate Planning & Zoning Board”

  1. I recently wrote a letter to Jim Rutalo Associates that I thought might fall on deaf ears, but I had to give my input:

    Dear Jim,

    In an email from Downbeach Buzz, I listened with interest to a ‘clip’ by Rich Patterson from a recent Planning Board meeting. I’ve lived in Margate for over fifty years experiencing the changes that have taken place. I wanted to give some input and background info. My children (50ish) and grandchild (ACHS 2019) all went through the Margate Public School System (excellent).

    During the 1980’s, the disparity in price between Margate real estate and offshore (Northfield and Linwood) did not exist as it does today. Since Margate’s taxes have traditionally been lower than Northfield and Linwood, the cost of living on the island or offshore was fairly comparable then.

    At that time a problem with gangs and violence at Atlantic City High School caused an exodus of families from Margate to the offshore communities. The beginning of Margate’s problem that still exists today.

    Families that are still living in Margate today are scrambling to avoid sending their kids to ACHS. Some are: winter-renting houses in Ocean City, paying tuition to St. Augustine Prep or Holy Spirit, or sending their kids to ACIT.

    Would affordable homes in Margate attract more full-time residents? When the homes were more affordable, the families with children left.

    Unfortunately, Margate’s current standard of building two 5 or 6 bedroom homes, on a lot where a 3 bedroom rancher had been torn down…. has not resulted in property tax reductions for existing residents.

    This should be considered as an incentive especially for senior citizens, candidates for the next exodus.

    1. The objective is to increase more full-time residents. The group that offers that are adults that their families have grown and senior citizens that could afford a reasonable priced shore home and reasonable real estate taxes.
      Instead of building million dollar homes only, certain land could be dedicated to building condominiums that adults could afford. Bringing more full-time residents to the City of Margate.
      Instead of a Water Park area which limits parking for all residents in that area of Margate,
      that area could have been an ideal location for a condominium housing adults. Increase real estate revenues on a yearly basis.
      City of Margate needs to have greater vision for the future and as a Residential Community considering creating a city to attract more adults and senior citizens that will contribute to the well being of our city. We need to keep the merchants currently in Margate and offer greater opportunities for those businesses. City of Margate should request during the spring and summer seasons current residents to share their views in a Town Meeting inviting current full time residents and part time residents for brainstorming ideas and many could be beneficial for our community. City of Margate Officers and Planning Board should be present and objectively listen to residents and be able to start productive planning for our future consisting of follow-through and accountability.
      Thank you
      Bob Levin

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