Two Sisters Vietnamese Pho Coming To Ventnor

Coming to Ventnor 2024.

A Two Sisters Vietnamese eatery is coming to Ventnor in 2024. Traditional Vietnamese dishes with a wide variety of pho, aka: noodle soup.

Fair warning: Prepare your taste buds for the flavors and aroma of authentic Vietnamese pho.

two sisters makin’ pho
“two sisters makin’ pho.”

Pho is made with rice noodles, onion, scallions cilantro, veggies, and your choice of beef, chicken, seafood, or vegan.

A true culinary delight coming to Ventnor, at 7317 Ventnor Ave.

Takes over the spot previously occupied by Dim Sum and Then Sum.

Two Sisters Vietnamese Ventnor

Sisters Trinh Phan and Trang Somphomphakd are returning from the Pittsburgh area. The women missed their family. Decided to close their Pittsburgh restaurant and return to Ventnor to be closer to loved ones.

We will soon be opening a new location in Ventnor. This is a new concept with the same great traditional Vietnamese cuisine you all love. We’re very excited for this new adventure. See you all very soon!

Two Sisters is a fantastic place for pho and traditional Vietnamese cuisine. The food feels like a home-cooked meal, and the portions are huge.

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Two Sisters Vietnamese Ventnor

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