Ventnor Beefs Up Enforcement of Boardwalk Bike & Dog Laws

Ventnor Police officers were highly visible on the boardwalk this past weekend. City Hall stepping up enforcement of current bike, dog and smoking laws, aka ‘ordinances’.

A VCPD electronic billboard was positioned at Cornwall and the Boardwalk on Sunday, May 14. WATCH VIDEO.

Clear, stern warnings flashed at those passing by: Court dates being issued. No e-bikes. No dogs. No smoking. Listed rules online at

Pedestrians were also happy to see VCPD stationed at Suffolk Ave, adjacent to the pickleball courts and playground. ‘Sounded like they were monitoring e-bike usage on the Boardwalk.’

Not easy identifying bikes styles. Example: motorized e-bikes often look like regular bicycles. The batteries are smaller and more powerful. They can be integrated into the heavy frame.

Dangerous and illegal riding of motorized vehicles on the boardwalk of Ventnor and Atlantic City.

While Ventnor cracks down on Boardwalk scofflaws, Atlantic City remains lax with their enforcement.

Ventnor Beefs Up Enforcement of Boardwalk Bike & Dog Laws 1 Ventnor Beefs Up Enforcement of Boardwalk Bike & Dog Laws
Atlantic City is lax on Boardwalk laws.

AC’s Public Safety Director is Mayor Marty Small. To date, Small has brushed aside requests to enforce current Boardwalk law from Jackson Ave in Lower Chelsea, all the way to Gardner’s Basin.

Mayor Small facing increased resident pressure to stop ATV and motorcycle ‘ride-outs’.

So called ‘ride-outs’ are communal groups of ATV and dirt bike riders who perform stunts and weave through traffic—have become increasingly common on city streets.

All-terrain vehicles, including four-wheelers and off-road motorcycles are illegal and dangerous on streets, usually loud and difficult for law enforcement to control. Press of AC.

All towns should authorize police to confiscate and destroy ATVs being driven illegally within municipal limits. ATVs are often operated illegally. They’re also a serious threat to pedestrian and driver safety on the streets.

Atlantic City Police Chief Jim Sarkos should team up with VCPD.

Atlantic City residents.

Large groups regularly use Atlantic Ave as a race track. They also perform dangerous tricks, like playing ‘chicken’ with oncoming traffic.

Ventnor Beefs Up Enforcement of Boardwalk Bike & Dog Laws

For more detail, reach out to the following officials:

  • NJ Senator Vince Polistina
  • Atlantic County Commissioner, Ernest Coursey.
  • Assembly members Don Guardian and Claire Swift
  • Gov Murphy liaison; Chris Brown


7 thoughts on “Ventnor Beefs Up Enforcement of Boardwalk Bike & Dog Laws”

  1. Dennis Simoes

    I believe that if a resident has a handicap certification, he should be allowed to use an electric bike as an assist to his peddling.

    1. Sharyn Abramowitz

      Thank you for your comment. As a 76 year young individual with difficulty taking extended walks I am devastated that I cannot responsibly ride my pedal assist tricycle on the boardwalk. I am considerate I do not ever speed and I honestly feel it is not the bike, whether it be an electric bike or traditional bike it is the rider that creates the potential for danger not the type of bike they are riding
      Just like on the highways, it is the speed that should be monitored not the vehicle. Thank you.

    It’s not any bike that’s the problem ; it’s the SPEED!!!! There are many bikes where people are flying down the boardwalk.
    It’s SAD for all, especially those who are handicapped, the E-Bike allowed them to enjoy the boardwalk and the beauty of the beach/ocean!!!!!

  3. I agree with all of the 3 comments above. It’s the speed, stupid!
    Personally, I’m glad I live only 2 blocks from A.C.
    Ventnor is out of control. A “traffic stop” on the Boardwalk??? Come on, now. Nothing better to do, I wonder.

  4. The problem is speed. Many idiots out there don’t adhere to any rules. Stop the reckless people and let others who are responsible to ride.

    Give hefty fines until they learn. Setup camera and speed detection signs.

    However, a caveat to all this: the short-term renters/ AirBNB / Vrbo folks. They come and go.

    P.S. The ATVs need to be followed and towed. The police know exactly where those thugs come from.

  5. I sure hope they enforce no dogs, e-bikes, and smoking on the boardwalk. I’m tired of stepping over dog poop and dodging speeding bikes on the boardwalk. It’s unsanitary and unsafe.

  6. Took a walk on the boardwalk last weekend and saw multiple dog waste scatters. It’s disgusting and the dog owners should be ashamed. Not to mention the waste on the beach where people walk barefoot. Dog owners have gotten out of hand.

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