Ventnor Commissioners: Polar Bear Plunge Party Poopers?

Ventnor Margate Polar Bear Plunge

Why was Ventnor’s 2018 version of the Polar Bear Plunge cancelled? It’s gonna be cold. Yep. Too cold. WTF.

Jessica Hoffman Foster says: Isn’t the cold weather the reason it’s called the Polar Bear Plunge?

Due to safety concerns as temperatures dip to 18 degrees on New Year’s Day, Ventnor¬†Commissioners Tim Kriebel and Lance Landgraf, along with Mayor Holtzman, all agree the popular plunge should be cancelled for 2018.¬†

This does not sit well with Ventnor residents. City Commissioners are getting hammered on social media.

Barbara Kelleher asked about Margate’s Polar Bear Plunge. Is that cancelled too? Nope. Robert’s Place is one of the sponsors of Margate’s Plunge…..and it’s still on. The big, wet and wild Brigantine plunge is still on too.

Ken Firth: Cancel the Christmas parade because of snow. Cancel the polar bear plunge because of cold weather. I get the feeling the mayor doesn’t want to be bothered with these long standing Ventnor traditions.

Joseph A. Lowry: When I used to work in Seward Alaska they used to chainsaw the ice to make a hole in Resurrection Bay for us to jump in. Just saying….LOL

Lenny Bloom: I understand that it’s extremely cold but there are people who that will still do this. They’ll do it with or without the city’s support.