Ventnor COVID-19 Update for April 24, 2020.

As of today in Ventnor, there are 17 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Many expect those numbers to rise.

In Atlantic County, 551 residents have tested positive so far. 29 have died. 108 have been cleared as recovered.

Donations of PPE, personal protective equipment, such as masks, have shored up our ability to protect first responders. 

Ventnor COVID-19 Shut-Downs Still In Effect.

  • No beach and boardwalk access.
  • Closure of all non-essential retail businesses.
  • Closure of all recreational and entertainment businesses.
  • Stoppage of all non-essential construction projects.

Ventnor will continue to follow all guidance from the Governor of New Jersey during this state of emergency.

Closure of Ventnor beaches, boardwalk and parks continue until further notice. Ventnor wants to discourage a surge in population as the weather gets warmer.

Ventnor City Hall will closely monitor the NJ Governor’s updates. Ventnor will mirror a similar transition plan of loosening restrictions, when and if the time is right.

Ventnor events like the Farmers Market and Block Party are being revamped, rescheduled or canceled on a case-by-case basis.

Ventnor COVID-19 information is subject to frequent change.

Please continue to wear masks in public, practice social distancing, and wash your hands frequently.

4 thoughts on “Ventnor COVID-19 Update for April 24, 2020.”

  1. I’m not criticizing Ventnor’s decision on opening it’s beach and boardwalk, but consider this.

    There are 17 cases of COVID-19 in Ventnor as of yesterday and 3 in Margate. Margate beach is open for limited use. All things considered, I don’t believe closing the Boardwalk and the beach necessarily made anyone safer in Ventnor, nor did it stop anyone from coming down to their second homes.

    Keeping both open would allow more space for walkers, joggers and bike riders to spread out. Right now Ventnor is just compressing these folks into a smaller volume of space.

  2. Actually it is now 7 in Margate and 19 in Ventnor. But I’m guessing that if you look at per capita, the rates are roughly equal. Ventnor has more residents. Stay safe everyone!

  3. Recent Census data reports that Ventnor has a population of 10,036 and Margate has 3,156. Ventnor has 3 times the population and slightly less than 3 times the cases.

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