Ventnor Eco-Tourism Park and Ski Beach Upgrade Take Center Stage.

120-acre parcel of land – Ventnor West.

Plans for a Ventnor Eco-Park have been talked about for years. An environmentally friendly attraction that could boost the attractiveness of Ventnor was discussed at the Oct 22 Ventnor Commission meeting.

The city’s Master Plan suggests that the Ventnor-West parcel could feature the following:

  • Kayak launch
  • Wildlife education area
  • Birdwatching
  • Small back-bay boardwalk
  • Observation area to view butterfly migration
  • Crabbing and fishing

Ventnor Commissioner Lance Landgraf said the state and fed would have to approve any plans to develop this environmentally sensitive land.

Ventnor has substantial green, open space that’s not being used.

Ventnor West

Ventnor Master Plan includes an eco-park at Ventnor West.

Two key projects to use Open Space Fund:

  • Ski Beach, the only public boat launch area in Ventnor, Margate and Longport. Ski Beach boat ramp was last refurbished 20 years ago.
  • Ventnor West, a 120-acre tract of vacant land along the bay.

A living shoreline could help prevent erosion. It would stabilize that land and keep it protected from boat wake.

Will Atlantic County return funds for open space and recreation? Atlantic County instituted an Open Space and Recreation tax in 2004. To date, Ventnor taxpayers have paid $3,255,493 into the fund.

According to an Atlantic County Freeholder, there’s $24.5 million in this Open Space Fund.

  • Fitness park near the tennis courts
  • Parklets to support local businesses
  • Streetscape improvements on Dorset Avenue
  • Ski Beach

Ventnor West could be transformed into an eco-park.

County freeholder, Jim Bertino oversees Parks and Environment. He would play a key role in this project.

1 thought on “Ventnor Eco-Tourism Park and Ski Beach Upgrade Take Center Stage.”

  1. I think transforming unused areas into viable local habitats and outdoor activity facilities is a great use of the land. However the West Tract will take years for approvals and millions of dollars. However Ski beach is a heavily used area already but could definitely use some TLC. Might I suggest a refurbished ramp, possibly some floating docks, a stabilized small beach area where folks could lounge or picnic, more shrubbery, park benches, better lighting, bike racks and repaving. Make it truly a park setting. This could be done affordably, faster and prove to be a real asset for everyone in Ventnor, especially those in the Heights.

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