Ventnor Mayor Mocks Margate Over Beach Ice Cream Deal

WATCH VIDEO > Beach ice cream vendor talk spawned a mini-mayoral meltdown during the Ventnor Commission meeting of Oct 22, 2020.

During public comment, Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman gets triggered by a suggestion brought forth by a member of the local advisory board.

Should Ventnor get more for their beach ice cream vending permits? As it stands now, Ventnor charges only $500 for a permit.

Upwards of 15 veterans, many who don’t live in Ventnor, pay just $500 each to sell ice cream on Ventnor’s beaches. Compare this to Margate getting about $50,000 per season via auction.

Is Ventnor missing out on $50K in beach ice cream revenue each summer?

Public comment: “This puts undue burden on taxpayers, by giving away $42k to the majority of ice cream vendors who don’t even live here.”

Holtzman decided to make clear her less-than-fuzzy feelings about Margate. Mayor Beth hates being compared to Margate, even for financial comparison purposes.

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4 thoughts on “Ventnor Mayor Mocks Margate Over Beach Ice Cream Deal”

  1. Those three turkeys are very thin skinned… especially the ragtime Mayor, Beth Holtzman.

    Instead of thanking me for participating & providing input, they diss you with an
    attitude a mile long. They almost make Margate Mayor Mike Becker seem lovable by comparison!

    My amicus curiae brief reference hit too close to home for those mentally challenged chumps.

  2. If they live in Ventnor then give them a discounted fee. Or, if you really wanted to take care of vets, give them a discount on property taxes. The mayor saying; “It’s not worth the aggravation” is unacceptable. Being mayor means that you were elected to deal with the aggravation. Put on your big girl panties!

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