Ventnor Movie Theater Construction. Slow & Steady.

Open Summer 2020?

Update: Rebuilding the historic, Ventnor movie theater.

When will the theater be completed?

Renovations taking longer than originally anticipated. Extra work needed to be done to ensure the structural integrity of the building.

Steel beam work now complete. New concrete has been poured. The build-out has begun.

Developer not sure when Ventnor theater construction will be completed.

Due to the old infrastructure, extra time is needed to make 100% sure theater walls are strong and secure.

Redeveloping the long-abandoned Ventnor Twin movie theater. A burger bar on the second floor.

NOV 2018: Gutted the building. Reinforcing it with steel beams. “The building is structurally sound” said developer Brett DeNafo. “It’s in better shape than we expected and there’s nothing really major that has to be done”.

The hope was to have it open by Spring 2019.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Summer 2020.

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