Ventnor Movie Theater Deal is Done. Parking, Taxes and Liquor License To Be Determined.

Brett DeNafo Ventnor WIBG Radio
Brett DeNafo

Brett DeNafo, Clint Bunting and Scott Kaufman have officially signed the deal that could soon resurrect the Ventnor Twin Movie Theater. Total investment in the project is about $3 million.

Theater owner, Bruce Frank and family wanted it sold, says 1/3 partner DeNafo, who’s also the Sales Director at WIBG 94.3 Radio in Ocean City, NJ., and is a former General Manager at Atlantic Broadcasting.

The trio bought the Franks theater in Stone Harbor from the Franks family too. To date, that’s been a huge success. Can they do it again, this time in Ventnor?

The Ventnor Twin Movie hopes to be open for business, Summer 2019.

Demolition could begin this week. Engineers are OK with structural integrity of the building. Minor structural issues will be addressed & fixed. The project could include a theater with at least two screens, with a restaurant on the second floor. Zoning variances still to be approved.

DeNafo is still looking for financial incentives from the taxpayers of Ventnor.

DeNafo, Bunting and Kaufman plan on bidding for a liquor license, as well as purchasing the buildings next door, including one that houses Sacco Subs. The famous sub shop will remain. The small building next to the theater may be demolished. It could provide access to the rear parking lot, which fits about 35-50 cars.

Ventnor Movie Parking Lot
Ventnor Movie Parking Lot

Will parking be a problem? Some neighbors are asking questions. So far, Commissioners Kriebel, Lance Landgraf and Mayor Holtzman have not offered details on this potential issue.

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  1. At present time there are 3 vacant pieces of ground within 5 blocks from this commercial area. They should be utilized as: Municipal parking lots, condo parking lots or bought by Ventnor City (Deed Restricted) and flipped to an experienced parking company.

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