Ventnor Pier Survey. Marketing Ideas to Boost Real Estate & Downbeach Economy

Lighting-up Ventnor Pier in a classy and low-key way. Accentuate the majestic beauty of Ventnor Pier by illuminating this 1,000 ft. landmark. This is just one of many interesting….sometimes controversial… ideas gaining momentum as Ventnor considers how to leverage this under-utilized, beachfront asset.

Ventnor taxpayers spent $3.2 million to rebuild the pier in back in 2007. It’s the Jersey Shore’s last public fishing pier at Boardwalk & Cambridge.

Note: due to less expensive construction methods used, Ventnor Pier has limitations as to how it can be used. ex: substantial weight restrictions.

The Ventnor Pier is as iconic to Ventnor as Lucy the Elephant is to Margate or the AC Boardwalk is to Atlantic City.

Perched at Boardwalk & Cambridge Ave since 1919. Have some marketing ideas or thoughts on how to boost Ventnor Real Estate and the surrounding economy? Leave them in the comment section below.

Ventnor City Fishing Pier

Cambridge Ave. & Boardwalk, Ventnor City, NJ 08406

1 thought on “Ventnor Pier Survey. Marketing Ideas to Boost Real Estate & Downbeach Economy”

  1. Rosemary Fitzgerald

    I am not in favor of lighting up the Ventnor Pier. There are enough lights in AC. I think the Ventnor Boardwalk should be dimly light so as to see the stars.

    But I DO agree that Ventnor and its Boardwalk should be marketed and said so a few years ago at the City meeting at Lafayette Avenue School. We’ve sailed the world and seen NOTHING like it. Finish the restroom, for God’s sake. Keep it clean. What’s the matter with promoting Ventnor, providing a parking lot (Next to Sappori? Wasted space for 10?? Years). Tee Shirts? Post cards? Photography Contest at the end of summer – need not be present to win. Fall Fest on the Boardwalk with the wine and beer that draws Millennials. The property values on the beach block are great but north of Ventnor Ave have been stagnant for years. Thank you.

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